Legion Cartoon: Thumbs Up
September 26, 2006

I watched the new Legion of Super Heroes cartoon, and I enjoyed it.

I would have liked it better if

  1. They’d called him Superboy, since it was clearly that point in Clark’s life. And they weren’t creating a time loop by turning him into Superman because they already knew he was.
  2. Saturn Girl didn’t have a giraffe neck, freaky cat eyes, and drag queen eyebrows.
  3. Brainiac 5 wasn’t so clearly a Beast Boy knock-off. And a robot.
  4. Triplicate Girl was called Triad. But the design, especially her side-parted bob, was cool. She’s my favorite character, because they made her really competent and attractive.

We enjoyed recognizing the tiny Booster Gold and Skeets cameo, the diamond-shaped alien (like that Green Lantern), and the Interlac. I liked the episode of Justice League Unlimited guest starring the LSH better, since I think Supergirl is a better match for the team than Superboy, but I have hope for this.

Here’s some old fans talking about what they like about it. The Legion Omnicom blog has a lot more links, of course.

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Michael Grabois writes:  

There were several GL aliens scattered about Metropolis, according to one of the character designers. And of course, it was originally supposed to be the Legion going back for Superman but they went back too far and got Superboy instead. Because of the Siegel/Superboy lawsuit, they had to retcon this even before it went on the air. Can you have a pre-emptive retcon?

Loved Bouncing Boy, not nearly as keen on Transformer Brainy. Timber Wolf is next week.

Rob Staeger writes:  

I really liked the Xudarian (the Tomar-Re type alien) with the egg in the baby carriage. Just the idea of taking an egg out for a walk kills me.

James Schee writes:  

I wonder why they have a problem using Superboy here, but had no problem releasing the first season of the Superboy tv show on DVD recently?

I wish I had access to a station that carried it, as it is the one comic property I’ve longed to see in other media. I guess I can just hope it is successful and that DVDs will be coming soon.

Jer writes:  

James –

One explanation is that the Superboy tv show is already made – releasing it on DVD doesn’t entangle any future projects with the whole lawsuit. Since it was already made, if the estate is entitled to any money from the show, they’ll be entitled to it regardless.

With Legion, its a new project that could be entangled up into the whole lawsuit. Better to just work with the characters you KNOW that you own free and clear and avoid the ones who incur further legal problems where none exist now.

Johanna writes:  

I’m not sure I like how exaggerated the designs are for Bouncing Boy and Timber Wolf, even in comparison to the “normal” exaggeration of the other characters. But I suspect they’ll grow on me.

Rob, yeah, the egg was a hoot!

(behind the hand) James, I have one word for you: torrent…

Jer: makes sense to me, but law and sense don’t always coincide. Cause the sensible thing to me would be for TW to come to an agreement where they give the creators’ heirs an equitable share of the profits. But corporations don’t think that way.

James Schee writes:  

That makes sense I guess, though the fight over Smallville might prove interesting.

Johanna, heh maybe my upcoming move will put me in an area with high speed internet. So that will be an option.:)

Michael Grabois writes:  

James – The episode is up on YouTube, if your download speed is good enough for that. Just search for “Superman” and “Legion”, you’ll find the episode in three parts, called “Legion of SuperHeros 101 Man of Tommorow”. It should be broadcast on the same station as you get “Smallville”, assuming you’re in a US market.

Denise Sudell writes:  

Michael & co., the opening episode has been taken off YouTube, and the new ep (“Timber Wolf”) isn’t there either.

I’d bet Johanna shares my pleasure that Shrinking Violet will be part of the show, though she apparently won’t be a major character. I also like that her character design is a variation of Jeff Moy’s — I thought his Violet costume made the most sense of all the versions I’ve seen (not counting the current version, because I’m not following the book).

Johanna writes:  

I liked the idea of Shrinking Violet, but when they showed her very briefly in the Timber Wolf ep, I was a little disappointed that she looked goth-y like many of the other females. But I’m hard to please when it comes to that character. :)

The costume note is great news, thanks for pointing that out, Denise.


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