Strange Attractors

Old favorite of mine Strange Attractors has returned, with its pages posted as a webcomic.

Nowadays, a comic with the subtext of reading comics is nothing new, but back in 1994, the series was fresh and unusual. It’s about a girl whose childhood favorite comics, about an interstellar pirate, turn out to be true, and what that means for her adventures and self-discovery. Unfortunately, it never properly ended.

Strange Attractors logo

Artist Michael Cohen‘s site refers to its 17 issues, which were originally self-published as 15 issues, at which point the series stopped and restarted at Caliber as a four-issue mini, of which only two were ever published. I can only hope that this series spawns some kind of conclusion. (And $10 for the set of print comics is a pretty decent deal if you prefer paper to pixels.)

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