October 1, 2006

I really like Eureka.

It’s about a town full of geniuses, where someone rather like Tony Stark (Ed Quinn, playing “Nathan Stark”) runs a secret government research lab. His ex-wife is the top administrative official (Salli Richardson), and she’s attracted to the new sheriff in town (Colin Ferguson), a well-meaning but not-too-smart former US marshal.

One of the best parts of the show is the way it plays opposite to prevailing TV stereotypes. The smartest guy in town (Joe Morton), a master-of-all-jobs who’s capable of anything, is a middle-aged black man. The weapons master is the sheriff’s deputy, a woman named Jo (Erica Cerra).

I wouldn’t care if we never saw the sheriff’s daughter again — she’s there to provide some humanizing family drama, but she’s a drip and the actress isn’t very good.

The show is clearly science fiction, but it combines intriguing plot concepts with character-based development. Next week is the last episode of the first season, and I hope we soon hear news of more to come.

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John writes:  

Hi Johanna,

Eureka is definitely growing on me. I like the humor in the way the different characters interact.

On a similar note, have you seen Heroes yet? It was far more enjoyable than I had imagined. ‘Every day’ people with superpowers is not a new idea, but the entire episode kept me intrigued, and my Wife and I were both impressed and interested by the fairly global approach they took. The story moves from India to Japan to a small town in the US, and yet all the characters are tied together.

I have to say that the dialog about super-powers between the 2 Japanese co-workers had me in stitches.

I would like to hear what you thought of the show. If you missed it, it was rebroadcast on Sci-fi channel, and I am sure it will be shown again.

Cheers, JOHN :0)

Johanna writes:  

I haven’t seen Heroes, and I don’t have plans to — there are so many great shows on the schedule ahead of it right now. Glad you enjoyed it, though.

James Schee writes:  

I really like this show as well. I was sort of chagrined at the review of it in EW, where the reviewer said it needed to be more like the X-Files and lose the goofiness. I disagreed, as I appreciated the light feeling, where yes dangerous things were happening but it never gets too overdone.

My favorite scene so far was when the shefiff came home, and his house wouldn’t let him in until he apologized.:)

Johanna writes:  

Yikes! I didn’t like X-Files for a reason. I would hate for Eureka to be more like it. It gets tense enough as it is sometimes. And if you like the house, I hope you’ve seen the latest episode. It’s all about them being trapped there
when the house decides to fix some broken relationships.

Tony Isabella writes:  

I liked X-Files fine when the show did done-in-one stories. It was the vaunted mythology stuff that bored the crap out of me.

Happily, Eureka keeps the “mythology” stuff to a minimum. I’m enjoying the show.


Rob Staeger writes:  

I’ve only seen about 5 episodes so far, but my wife and I have really enjoyed them. There rest are just sitting there, perched on our TiVo’s hard drive.

I sure hope they make more. This is fun stuff.

James Schee writes:  

From doing google searches on it, apparently it was the #2 show the Sci-fi channel had in recent Nielson ratings. So I’d expect a second season.

I did see that episode, and it was funny with just the right amount of tension.

Johanna writes:  

Yay! Glad to hear that there may be good news.

And I forgot to mention how much I giggled at the allusion in the latest episode, when the house asks “Shall we play a game?”

Lyle writes:  

I wasn’t too into Eureka at first. I was initially expecting Northern Exposure with mad scientists and found the first episodes to be more of scifi crime procedural with quirky characters. I was initially worried that Eureka would turn into another one of those scifi shows where everything revolves around some big mystery, but they’ve focused more on the characters and relationships… my initial reaction was that it was too X-Files, especially considering how it was promoted. I’m glad it didn’t stay that way.

Lisa Lopacinski writes:  

I completely agree with Tony I. on the one-in-done, both for X-Files and this show. It’s fun, incorporating a bit of mystery with drama and humor in every episode, and you could just jump into it at any point in the season and still really enjoy the show. Very intelligently written (not every episode is written by the same person I’ve noticed).

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