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Goodbye, Tower Records. The chain, after filing bankruptcy twice in two years, is being liquidated. The founder is credited, in this hometown article, with creating the idea of a music-focused store, but the chain eventually faltered because he couldn’t cope with the idea of the internet replacing physical store locations or the competition from big-box discounters. It’s a shame, because for me, Tower was the internet before Amazon. It was the place you went to find out about word-of-mouth bands or small labels or buy imports. The prices were never the best, but the selection allowed for wide browsing and exposure to things you’d never see otherwise.

According to the NY Times, Warner Bros. has gone from last year’s #1 studio (in terms of domestic box office) to hoping that small films can become big hits after “a string of expensive duds, like Lady in the Water, The Ant Bully, and a remake of the ocean liner disaster film The Poseidon Adventure that sank faster than the ship itself…. the summer got off on the wrong foot, with the release of Superman Returns.” A blockbuster-based profit strategy is risky and prone to big trouble if it doesn’t work, a lesson that comic publishers (with efforts like Civil War) have yet to learn.

Apparently, the press considers pointing out a political commentator’s lies “bias” and a firing offense. No wonder we’re in the sad state we are.

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