And Then One Day

Remember when I started this week, I said that sometimes I got way behind on the lovely books people were kind enough to send me? This is one of those. I apparently received it in mid-2004, and now, you can’t buy it anymore, because it sold out.

On the bright side, artist Ryan Claytor put it online (a smart thing to do). You’ll miss out on touching the fuzzy cover (made from velvet paper), but it’s free.

This is the first of a series of journal comics. Each page is a short strip capturing a small moment of Ryan’s life. This isn’t an original concept — many people have done similar comics — but he won me over with the second page, where he tries turning off his car stereo for a while. Not everyone is willing to admit to a love for Justin Timberlake and then punctuate it with some advice I needed to hear.

While some of these comics tell incidents that could as easily be a blog entry, the best strips are those that make distinct use of the comic medium. Later on, there’s an homage to Scott McCloud where Ryan’s joy at meeting his idol clearly shines through.

There are more comics to read at Ryan Claytor’s website, including this impressive 24-hour effort featuring a turtle, a bear, and a mean little pig in high school. He’s recently been interviewed by Sequential Tart.

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  1. Ryan Claytor Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Johanna! Glad you enjoyed your read. :)




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