Book Nominations and Awards

Gene Yang‘s American Born Chinese is a National Book Award nominee in the Young People’s Literature category. (Here’s the publisher’s announcement.)

I am told (via Heidi) that these are extremely important publishing awards and that this is their first ever graphic novel nomination. Interesting that it’s in the “for kids” category, isn’t it? That seems to be the entry point for comics in lots of areas.

In other award news, the Quill Awards, a kind of people’s choice book awards co-sponsored by Reed Business Information (owners of Publishers Weekly, among much else) and NBC, selected Naruto Book 7 in its Graphic Novel category. I do love manga, but I think that choice demonstrates the problem with popular voting: it beat both Fun Home and Mom’s Cancer to win.

Update: Journalista has more information on how the Quills are determined, continuing into a discussion of how manga has displaced “traditional” comics.

The public has spoken, but then it’s been speaking with its wallet for some time. America has no problem with buying and reading comics; it just has a problem with buying and reading our comics, is all. In the end, neither autobiographical wizardry nor pretentious superhero justifications were enough to beat Naruto’s kage bunshin no jutsu, either in the Quill Awards or in bookstores across the continent.

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