PR: What Not to Do: Weird Phrasing

I just got this brief mailing from DC:

Omega Men #1 cover

Is this the end of the universe? THE OMEGA MEN seem to think so…

The galactic rampage begins this month, as the classic space-faring team known as THE OMEGA MEN returns in a six-issue miniseries from writer Andersen Gabrych (DETECTIVE COMICS, BATGIRL) and artist Henry Flint (2000 A.D.).

Convinced that all of creation is on the brink of cosmic apocalypse, the last remaining Omega Men begin a universe-spanning swath of murder and destruction.

Pursued by every known league of interstellar justice, the team finds itself on the run. What mysterious force has morphed this band of freedom fighters into brutal space terrorists? Climb on board for a controversial and head-spinning science fiction odyssey that blends hard-hitting action, intolerant zealotry, and galactic-scale excitement.

Because “intolerant zealotry” is definitely what I’m looking for in my escapist entertainment! Usually I have to go to message boards to get that… now they’re putting it in the comics directly!

Here’s better expanded coverage, with preview pages.

2 Responses to “PR: What Not to Do: Weird Phrasing”

  1. Dan Coyle Says:

    Plus, isn’t “intolerant zealotry” a massive redundancy?

  2. John Says:

    Not necessarily. Zealotry is just “excessive enthusiasm” or “fanaticism”. You can be a zealot for peace/tolerance/brotherhood/love.

    There’s a lot of zealotry in fandom…though it isn’t always called that.




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