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Some other people’s thoughts on the Small Press Expo:

Heidi MacDonald responds to some of the common complaints about the show. I liked reading this report because in some places, it sounds as though we were at completely different shows. I really agree with her analysis of how the business has changed over the years of SPX, though.

…the next generation is dead set on writing the Great American Graphic Novel, and they don’t seem to have any place to pay their dues. The buzz on the floor was all book deal after book deal, and new lines of graphic novels both from comics publishers and New York houses. Whereas in past years, people would have been talking about launching their own series, everyone is now working on a graphic novel, a painstaking, lengthy process that can see you out of commission for years. … The promise has paid off to a great extent, but the excitement was gone this year.

Heidi also has a post with yet more report links.

Ben Towle caught my eye because he thinks SPX should move to Richmond. That would certainly make it easier for me to volunteer. Asheville would also be cool. However, given the number of non-American attendees I heard talking about combining their trip with DC sightseeing, I suspect that’s a draw for a number of visitors.

I think others might quibble with some of his ideas — the rotating table idea sounds like a logistical nightmare, I think ICAF coordination already happens to a degree, and I don’t know if everyone would find the programming this year “lackluster” (although the only panel I was interested in was Scott McCloud’s speech, and I didn’t stay for that because I feared it would be swamped) — but at least he’s trying to generate suggestions he feels would be improvements. (I hate to speculate on what spawned the “behave professionally” item.)

(Ooops! That was an old post, although with good thoughts. Here’s Ben’s convention report.)

The Comics Journal online crowd, many of whom exhibited, share their experiences. They bring up a good question, that of which days should the show be held?

Bart Beaty is one of the few people to talk about ICAF. He also takes a generational look at SPX, a view I’m very sympathetic towards.

I’m very sorry I missed meeting Jog. Turns out that this was his first show! He has a much more impressive shopping list than I did. I don’t even remember seeing the Ninja book that people are calling the book of the show.

Scott King went to a bunch of panels.

Last, here’s Tom Spurgeon’s really comprehensive link list of reports.

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