Avengers Go MODOK

This Marvel Adventures Avengers #9 cover makes the issue a must-buy — all the heroes become MODOKs, versions of themselves as giant brains in floating chairs. The Spidey one is especially cool.

Art is by Cameron Stewart, and the issue is written by Jeff Parker. I’ve enjoyed his issues of this series, because it’s good superhero team adventure written so anyone can enjoy it.

2 Responses to “Avengers Go MODOK”

  1. Matthew Craig Says:

    Somebody needs to get to licensing those designs for mugs and Toby jugs – STAT.

    (poor old Janet Van Dyne looks like Janet Van Jagger, though)


  2. Scott Says:

    I don’t normally buy books for covers alone, but this one immediately grabbed my attention out of all of the January solicits.

    And it gives me an excuse to pick up another all-ages title… which seems to be all this middle-aged collector is enjoying these days.




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