Fantagraphics Responds to Ellison’s Lawsuit

Via Journalista, Fantagraphics’ response (.doc file, no longer available) to Harlan Ellison’s lawsuit against them.

The first clause, titled “General Denial”, basically says “none of Ellison’s allegations are correct.” Then there’s a list of specific defenses, which include the First Amendment, that Ellison has no facts to back up any of his claims, truth as a defense, and “some or all of the statements complained of by Plaintiff are constitutionally protected statements of opinion and/or rhetorical hyperbole.” There’s a whole bunch more, suggesting that if this goes to trial, it’s going to be fun. (Myself, I like the idea of a judicial principle of “Unclean Hands” (the 23rd (!) Defense), because I think Ellison does bring a lot of this stuff on himself.)

Fantagraphics is asking for dismissal and to be awarded their costs and attorneys’ fees.

3 Responses to “Fantagraphics Responds to Ellison’s Lawsuit”

  1. T. J. Says:

    Comics are cool and all but I’m curious, you wouldn’t have hapened to live in Aberdeen, South Dakota between the year 1988-1991?

  2. Johanna Says:

    Nope, never been there.

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