Grey’s Anatomy Good News/Bad News
October 21, 2006

Yay for George! Actor T.R. Knight confirmed he’s gay, in the kind of no-big-deal fashion it should be.

Sadly, it seems to have become necessary because Isaiah Washington is a bigot. I thought Burke was the yummiest character on Grey’s Anatomy until I found out the actor who plays him would use a term like f****t in reference to gays. Now, he doesn’t look nearly so attractive to me.

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Tony Isabella writes:  

Tell me about it. In my mind, up until I learned of this incident, I figured Washington would be perfect for the role of Black Lightning should DC ever allow a movie to be made.

On the plus side, Knight, who I already thought was one heck of a actor, now impresses me as being a class act all the way, what with his comment that he hoped his being gay wasn’t the most interesting thing about him.


Shane writes:  

You have to remember it was The National Enquirer too.

If he did say that it’s pretty messed up though.

My girlfriend and I both love the show and watch it every Thursday. Burke and George are her favorite characters so if this is true, it sucks.

Rachel N. writes:  

Yeah, that word just makes males so much less appealing.

Craig writes:  

As much as I’d like to see a bigot lose his job, I’d like it even more if he were made to KEEP his job and have to work with a ‘f****t’ every day, if only to realize that ‘f****ts’ are just as awesome as bigots like to think themselves to be.
We ARE pretty awesome…;)

Craig writes:  

Good lord that reads like terrible english. I have had two glasses of wine and apparently that effects my ability to make sentence go now.

oliver writes:  

in england, a very well paid footballer called the presenter of the biggest radio show in the land a f****t and they both laughed it off as a big joke. barely a ripple in next days press. very sad.

Mike Chary writes:  

Okay, three things to keep in mind:

1) T R Knight, a Broadway star is gay! Wow, who’d have thought it. Who cares?

2) Isaiah Washington is an actor. I doubt this is the first time he has worked with a homosexual. Most of his scenes have been, apart from Sandra Oh with Knight. They have great chemistry together.
He apparently knew that Knight was gay and was able to work with him well enough that they play great friends. Knight is the one who gets to take offense at this. To label Washington a bigot because he used a slur once seems a bit of an overreaction. Actions speak louder than words, remember.

Isaiah Washington is black. The attitudes toward both slurs in general and toward homosexuals in the black community are such that he might not be a bigot so much as using what he has been conditioned to react with. I’m not saying this excuses his use of an offensive term, but remember: bigotry is a thought process. If he never used the term, but he hated gays, he would still be a bigot. Is it really appropriate to revile someone for what he thinks? To revile him for thought processes that have been conditioned into him by his culture? Is that not, well, bigotry?

3) Finally, Isaiah Washington CHOKED Patrick Dempsey, and all you care about is him calling T R Knight a name? Get a grip– er, so to speak.

Dan Coyle writes:  

In Washington’s defense, he could have been channel surfing the night before and caught Loverboy on cable. Who wouldn’t want to commit acts of violence against Patrick Dempsey after that?

But seriously, folks, methinks Burke’s hand isn’t going to heal up anytime soon…


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