Indy Answer to Wizard

In response to Wizard’s butt fetish, the impressive Paul Sizer sends along this independent comic version:

Indy Comic Butts

Click to read the whole thing. Hilarious! He even includes a dog — one of Pam Bliss’, of course.

5 Responses to “Indy Answer to Wizard”

  1. Patrick Dunn Says:

    Yeah, this is hilarious. Gotta love Paul (and Jane).

    If Wizard really had to do this, they coulda at least thrown in some male butts for the equality of it, like Paul did.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I’m assuming in Wizard’s frame of mind, ogling guys makes you either a chick or a homo, and I’m not sure which they would consider worse.

  3. Patrick Dunn Says:

    Homo, definitely. There’s nothing scarier to those type of guys.

    But the larger issue here is that they wouldn’t be running this type of thing if it didn’t sell. The sniggery “no gurlz allowed” attitude, the coverage of TV and movies that have nothing to do with comics, the almost exclusive focus on superheroes…it’s what brings in the money for them. It’s deplorable, certainly, but in a world where profit is key, you can’t blame them.

    I just wish it wasn’t THE representative publication of the comics industry as a whole.

  4. spike Says:

    Shoot. If I’da known, Reagan woulda been in a micro-mini for the occasion.

  5. Tony Isabella Says:

    Paul Sizer is so going to heaven for this.




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