Print-on-Demand Pricing Change

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the various print-on-demand comic publishers, but this seems like a fair and sensible move. Ka-Blam is moving to charging users only for the services they need. If your files meet their specs, then you pay only for printing and shipping. Press release follows. (Which I liked, because it explained the basic mechanics of the system clearly for the non-informed.)

Effective immediately Ka-Blam Digital Printing has eliminated setup fees on all of its products and services.

“From this point on,” says Barry Gregory, president of 01 Comics, Inc. (Ka-Blam’s parent company), “Customers who submit their print jobs to us in accord and compliance with our technical specifications will pay only for printing and shipping/handling. Setup fees are a thing of the past. If a customer’s submitted print job does not conform to our technical specifications, we’ll send that customer an email detailing the nonconformities and how they can rectify the problems. The customer can then fix the problems and resubmit the files or they can authorize us to bring the files into compliance for them via our new Pre-Press Service.”

So why eliminate setup fees? Gregory says “We believed when we launched Ka-Blam –and still believe now– that the setup fee is a legitimate charge. It takes time and resources to queue a job for print and it takes additional time and resources to archive print jobs and keep them backed up for future re-orders. We could’ve factored these expenses into our printing rates, but that would’ve caused customers making larger orders to pay a disproportionately higher charge for setup and archiving than customers placing smaller orders. We decided at the time that the fairest solution was to apply a flat rate setup fee.”

So why now? “As time has gone by and we’ve refined our procedures and processes the time and resources required for setup and archiving has decreased significantly. However, the amount of free pre-press work that we were doing on jobs submitted in non-compliance to our technical specs has remained steady from the time we launched. You see, we allowed ourselves to fall into the trap of expediency – ‘just fixing problems’ of a pre-press nature ourselves at our own expense rather than putting the onus back on customer to submit print ready files. We decided to take a ‘two birds one stone’ approach … eliminate setup fees altogether without any increase in our printing prices while also eliminating free pre-press work. This is a real win-win. Our customers are saved the costs of setup and with our staff having to do less pre-press work we’re able to devote more time to printing … and to promoting the titles that we print at our sister site IndyPlanet!”

Ka-Blam Digital Printing is a full service digital printer specializing in comic books and comic book related materials. Launched in January 2006, the company has printed thousands of comics – in both full color and black and white — for hundreds of customers all over the world.

IndyPlanet! is digital print on demand comic book store, serving as the webstore and order fulfillment center for the comics printed at Ka-Blam.

01 Comics, Inc. is a next generation digital publisher specializing in creator-owned comics and is the parent company of both Ka-Blam and IndyPlanet!

4 Responses to “Print-on-Demand Pricing Change”

  1. Randall Wincek Says:

    I’ve had ComiXpress do some work for me. Their prices are comparable but the free setup may give Ka-Blam the edge. Does anyone know of other POD companies out there? Always looking to save a few $’s

  2. Michelle Says:

    The lack of a setup charge doesn’t necessarily mean the overall price will be cheaper. A 150 page graphic novel costs more per book at Ka-Blam than at ComixPress, but with the setup charge, the more cost effective alternative depends on the number of books one is ordering.

    For a 150 5X8 graphic novel with color covers, black and white pages, and an ad on the back cover, the cost would be the same if buying 26 books, so it wouldn’t matter which company published it. Less than 26 and Ka-Blam would be the better choice. More, and ComixPress would be cheaper.

    Best thing to do is to compare them based on how many pages you have and how many you want rather than picking a publisher based on guesswork.

  3. Ralph Says:

    I just come from Ka-blam site and their prices have risen quite high and no longer viable chioce for start-up indie publishers.

  4. Rick Lundeen Says:

    I’ve checked out both KBLAMM and Comixpress and Comixpress is definitely the way to go. The set up fee is minimal and the per copy price is lower than KBLAMM, significantly so. Bottom line, to make any type of profit from KBLAMM, you’ve got to raise the cover price of your book and that’s no good for anybody, except maybe KBLAMM. I’m moving my entire comics group (Epoch) over to Comixpress. Their production quality is excellent and I can’t praise them nearly enough. -Rick Lundeen




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