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For technical information, Ask Dave Taylor. He covers all kind of topics, and while the information may seem basic if you already know something about the area, it’s a good starting point and a diverse resource.

On a lark, I sent him off a question about update pings, and I was astounded that I got a personal response in only a couple of days. I also enjoy reading his regular posts to learn little bits about lots of things.

Closer to home, if you’re looking for video services near Richmond, VA, I was very impressed by a conversation I had with a gentleman from Grogan Video. I wanted to have a PAL DVD transferred to NTSC, and he was incredibly helpful. He made sure I knew what all my options were, even those that involved not giving him money.

Which ended up being what happened: I discovered that with the proper coaxing, one of my DVD players would handle it after all. But I am very glad to know of his company — with an ever-growing digital world, it’s a great resource to have available.

2 Responses to “Useful Resources”

  1. Dave Taylor Says:

    So, wait. It was just a test? OOhhhhh…. :-)

  2. Johanna Says:

    And see, he’s got a sense of humor!

    No, I really did want to know … but you’re reminding me of Kibo!




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