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Wizard has announced its convention plans for the next two years:

Wizard Conventions today announced its schedule for the 2007 and 2008 Wizard World conventions, the country’s foremost touring events for pop culture and comic books. The 2007 Wizard World schedule will mirror that of 2006, which is on pace to become Wizard’s most successful convention year yet, with record attendance in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

To better serve the needs of exhibitors and fans, Wizard is altering the 2008 Wizard World tour to reflect a more condensed focus on Spring and Summer months. This new condensed schedule will allow Wizard World fans, exhibitors and retailers to visit all of the year’s important pop culture events, and will position Wizard World to deliver more exclusives, special guests and surprises to its fans.

“The Wizard World 2008 schedule will create a rapid-fire succession of the industry’s best events from coast to coast, right in the middle of the year,” said Rob Felton, Vice President and Associate Publisher. “Our exhibitors told us that they want to give Wizard World their full and undivided attention to create the best experience for our fans, and this schedule will allow for just that.”

The full 2007 and 2008 schedules are as follows:


Wizard World Los Angeles: March 16-18, 2007
Wizard World Philadelphia: June 15-17, 2007
Wizard World Chicago: August 9-12, 2007
Wizard World Texas: Nov 2-4, 2007


Wizard World Los Angeles: April 12-14, 2008
Wizard World Philadelphia: May 29-June 1, 2008
Wizard World Chicago: June 26-29, 2008
Wizard World Texas: November 7-9, 2008

So much for Boston and Atlanta. They’re sticking with the four that work for them.

The phrase “touring events” is interesting. To me, that suggests that they expect the four shows to be very similar in terms of guests and attendee experiences, but perhaps it’s just industry jargon I’m unfamiliar with. Referring to it as “Wizard World”, as though it’s one big thing, suggests otherwise, though.

Moving WWLA a month later in the year moves it further away from the end-of-February New York Comic-Con, rapidly becoming a juggernaut. It also puts most of the shows firmly in the big event months, making them more likely to garner superhero publisher announcements, which makes them seem more important.

Philadelphia is the same weekend as Heroes Con next year, but it moves earlier the year after. Chicago moves earlier than San Diego… maybe trying to pull some of that thunder? This schedule change makes San Diego more like an end-of-season show instead of middle-season.

Oh, and with more shows closer together, look for certain big-name creators to get NOTHING done for three months or so.

3 Responses to “Wizard Convention Schedule”

  1. Journalista » Blog Archive » Nov. 1, 2006: Full frontal nudity Says:

    […] This will be interesting news for somebody, somewhere, I’m sure: Wizard Magazine has announced its convention schedule for 2007 and 2008, and they’ve wisely decided to avoid the trouble spots from last year, avoiding Atlanta in particular. You’ll recall that the Wizard boys originally tried to schedule Wizard World Atlanta 2006 on a weekend seemingly tailor-made to conflict with that year’s independently run Heroes Con, only to find themselves forced to backpedal when community outrage exploded in their faces. Johanna Draper Carlson has further analysis. […]

  2. Katherine Keller Says:

    Oh, and with more shows closer together, look for certain big-name creators to get NOTHING done for three months or so.

    Dies. Laughing. Oh so very, very true.

  3. Rachel N. Says:

    Damn. Philly where I have friends who can help me actually make the con work versus Heroes where every indie comicker I know is going to be!




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