Laugh of the Day: The Marvel/Guiding Light Crossover

Tom Spurgeon has posted a minute-by-minute account of him watching the Guiding Light episode inspired by Marvel comics with his brother. Here’s an early section to give you some flavor, but you really need to go read the whole thing. Especially the toast jokes.

One of the already-superheroic things about soap operas is that the kids frequently go to boarding school at age five and come back two years later 17-years-old and ready to have sex with all the people on the other side of the tracks. I swear this is where the idea of Terrigen Mists came from.

2:02 — My brother notes that the character of Harley, around whom today’s superhero-related plot spins, is known for dressing like a 12-year-old mallgoer, so the initial outfit, while ludicrous, is not her costume.

2:03 — My brother warns me there are Easter Eggs in this broadcast for Marvel fans, even though he’s not entirely sure what that means. This means that there are characters reading comics that they never read before, people making all sorts of comparisons using superheroes as models even though they’ve never mentioned comic books before, and, perhaps weirdest of all, a convention sign with Marvel’s name on it in what looks like the first mainstream comic book convention to take place in the bowery.

2 Responses to “Laugh of the Day: The Marvel/Guiding Light Crossover”

  1. Lyle Says:

    I have to admit, I enjoyed the episode for its silliness. It had plenty of problems, but I enjoyed it (even though this was the first time in my watching of GL that I found myself questioning Beth Ehlers — who plays Harley — though it is hard to act behind those contact lenses).

    My favorite scene came when Harley is first noticing her powers and realizes she can manipulate home appliances, turning the microwave, toaster and can opener off and on by willpower. That scene reminded me of Electric Girl, which is bound to put me in a good mood.

    From what little I’ve seen of online forums, I’d say the only people who enjoyed this were GL fans who also read superhero comics at some point, though it was a “Eh, it was cute and it’s not a permanent thing.” Then they usually mention one of the show’s memorably dumb storylines, usually the one that involved the Reva clone.

  2. jimmie Says:

    I thought it was a great departure from the original soap stuff. Yes, I’m a fan, but I would not go out and buy a comic book because of it. However, that’s me. I am aware that there are those who would respond differently. It was a campy, quirky, uplifting episode. Some of the one liners was great. Also, the ‘to be continued’ ending implies that Harley’s powers could return, so stay tuned…..:)




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