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Dave is running a contest to win a copy of a collection of Teaching Baby Paranoia strips. The webcomic is oddly demented, with a historical flavor. I’ve entered!

Don MacPherson asks an important question: why isn’t DC promoting Superman Confidential by pointing out artist Tim Sale to the many viewers of the popular TV show where his work appears? A simple cover line “by the artist of Heroes” would do wonders for catching attention; add a press release pointing out the connection, and boom!

But DC has a history of picking which titles they want to be successes, and they don’t always want to grab other opportunities, even when presented to them.

Heidi links to an article on the appeal of yaoi and adds some elaboration of her own. The more I see people talk about this, the more I feel a sort of peer pressure to try it again, even though I don’t care for it. I’m beginning to feel left out.

Ending on good news, MangaBlog has some Dramacon links: read preview chapters of this terrific series, or buy one and get the second at half-price from the Tokyopop online store.

6 Responses to “Weekend LinkBlogging”

  1. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Johanna, “Teaching Baby Paranoia” is great! Thanks for the link. A new must read. I also entered the contest.

    As for yaoi, all the other girls are reading it. You don’t want the other girls to think you’re uncool do you? Don’t you want to be part of the ‘in crowd’? Come on, what can it hurt? Sure the first couple times you read it will be difficult, but then you get use to it and it starts to feel good. After a while you really enjoy it and that’s the best part. Then you can hang out will all the other yaoi girls and start exchanging stories. Then your popularity will soar and you’ll have all kinds of hip new friends. So don’t be such a square, just read a little yaoi.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Ha ha ha! Actually, I just discovered a yaoi book I liked, that I hope to write up this weekend. Surprise!

  3. Bruce Meyer Says:

    DC probably doesn’t want the George Reeves expose movie to succeed, to protect the property of the fifties tv show. To many like myself, GR IS the Man of Tomorrow, the Man of Steel. I was quite saddened to learn of his off camera exploits, from the new movie.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Are you confusing Heroes with Hollywoodland?

  5. Jer Says:

    I’m skeptical of how much cross-promotion Heroes actually has. Tim Sale is a known quantity in the comic book market at this point – he’s going to be better known as the artist on “The Long Halloween” than as the artist on Heroes. People who already read comic books aren’t going to be moved by a blurb on the cover that says “From the artist on the hit TV show Heroes!”

    And the other way around – trying to use his pop culture draw as a means of bringing in non-comic book readers – would require much, much more than a blurb on the cover. After all, you’re talking about trying to attract people who don’t already read superhero comics, so there would need to be a reason for them to even encounter the book. An ad during an airing of Heroes maybe – but that’s a big expenditure. Maybe if the show is still a hit when the trade paperback collection comes out, a blurb on THAT might help in the chain retail stores, but even then I’m skeptical.

    But now I am wondering how much a local ad during the Sci-Fi channel Friday night rebroadcast of Heroes would cost a local retailer. THAT might be a worthwhile investment that might bring in a small, not-normally-comics-reading crowd, but I don’t know how much the cable companies charge for those local ads.

  6. Don MacPherson Says:

    Jer wrote:
    And the other way around – trying to use his pop culture draw as a means of bringing in non-comic book readers – would require much, much more than a blurb on the cover.

    Agreed, but it would be a starting point. How about pitching a story to Entertainment Weekly (which seems as taken with Heroes as it is with Lost) about the connection? I’ll bet they’d fall over themselves to run another Heroes-related item.




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