David Lloyd, co-creator and artist of V for Vendetta, has returned with Kickback. It’s an original hardcover graphic novel, a moody crime noir about a police officer in a city full of corruption, but the appeal is Lloyd’s amazing art. The coloring and shadows give the characters a three-dimensional feel, grounding the story for the reader, and his figure work is more beautiful than ever.

It begins when a drug dealer and his men are killed off, sparking a gang war in a city that usually runs according to an agreement between the cops and the criminals.

Now it’s open season, and Canelli is trying to figure out who’s behind it all. He’s driven by nightmares of being trapped on a suspended catwalk, surrounded by metal and wires. As a child, he was present when his parents died, but he’s blocked out all memory of the subject.

When cops start dying, Canelli is shaken out of his habitual existence. He reconnects with his family, makes a stand he can believe in, and rediscovers himself through breaking his psychological amnesia. Reading his journey is like entering another world; the more readers are willing to immerse themselves in the story, the more they’ll get out of it.

The plot isn’t unusual, especially to fans of the genre, but the execution is by a master. Recommended, especially for fans of works like The Sopranos or Homicide.

There’s a preview available at the publisher’s website, and additional previews with commentary at Lloyd’s website. Comic Book Resources interviewed Lloyd (with preview pages).

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  1. Dan Coyle Says:

    You know what I liked most about this book? That what was really troubling Canelli’s memory was something I didn’t expect. Lloyd didn’t thrown in a forced twist just to give the story a boost, instead he threw in a revelation that made sense in context. A finely crafted work.

  2. David Lloyd at DragonCon » Comics Worth Reading Says:

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