Tony Consiglio and Alex Robinson are self-serializing their new work in this minicomic series.

It’s a sensible strategy: they’ve got something relatively inexpensive to sell at their appearances to dedicated fans or those who want a sample, and at the end of day, their next graphic novels are ready. $3 for 32 minicomic pages isn’t exactly cheap compared to the standard color comic package, but toss in a signature, maybe a sketch, and it’s not a bad deal, either, especially as a memento.

Consiglio’s Titanius kicks things off in issue #1. He’s a guy who looks like Juggernaut but is placed in Consiglio’s typical milieu. For much of this story, Titanius and his brother argue over family history while sitting in an apartment at 2:30 in the morning. They’re both goofy- and angry-looking, which suits the casual violence later in the piece.

Titanius previously appeared in a story in Project: Superior, where he stole a suit from a tailor before beating him up. I don’t like him, but I don’t think I’m supposed to. (I hope I’m not supposed to, anyway.) I’m not sure what the point is, but then, I don’t always share Consiglio’s sense of humor.

2 Cool 2 B 4gotten is the first chapter of Robinson’s new graphic novel. It opens with Robert Wicks undergoing hypnotism in order to stop smoking. That allows for an elegant early device to tell us a lot about the character efficiently: we’ve shown his intake paperwork, which describes his family members, background, and self-image. There’s also an impressive word picture, where Wicks’ subconscious monologue is formed into a shaded profile of his face.

The twist in the tale, though, is that after the procedure, Wicks finds himself back in high school. It’s not a new idea, and Robinson’s well aware of that — the back cover to #1 draws his characters placed in the Back to the Future movie poster — but what matters is how well it’s executed. So far, I’m very intrigued. There’s an immediate appeal to the idea of getting the chance to do it again knowing what you know now, and comics is a great medium for it. (Anyone else remember 2002’s Do Over or That Was Then?)

Of the two, this story is much more to my taste because it’s much more ambitious… and successful. These characters I want to know more about (instead of wanting to rush out of the room they’re occupying, as with Titanius).

Issue #2 is even bigger, 40 pages, which means three chapters of 2C2B4G in addition to the Titanius installment. Bonus! Husky can be purchased from Alex Robinson’s website.

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