Dynamite Asks for FCBD Choices

Press release:

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT announced that they are giving fans the opportunity to vote which two Dynamite titles will be featured in Dynamite’s 2007 Free Comic Book Day Flip Book. The poll for the FCBD title voting is on Dynamiteentertainment.com.

Dynamite stated, “Free Comic Book Day has become a milestone event in the comic book industry. From the fan to the publisher and everyone in between, the benefits and good times are easily apparent. FCBD is a great way to introduce current readers to new titles and genres, and an even better way for new readers to jump into the comic book medium. With that in mind, we figured who better to make those introductions than the fans themselves. … we’ve posted a poll that will allow fans to vote for the titles they would like to see in our 2007 FCBD Flip Book. We think this is a “dynamite” opportunity for the fans to become a bigger part in such a great event.”

The Dynamite choices of title for the 2007 FCBD Flip-Book are:

  • Red Sonja
  • Lone Ranger
  • Army of Darkness
  • New Battlestar Galactica
  • Re-Animator

One big problem here… FCBD is supposed to be about getting NEW readers in, although more publishers seem to be using it to try and grab attention from existing readers (not a new concept in marketing, because that’s easier and cheaper). It’s not FOR the fans, so making them a “bigger part” misses the point!

Given the media properties and considering the all-ages factor, I would think Lone Ranger and Battlestar Galactica would be the obvious choices. On the other hand, if we get a Red Sonja/Re-Animator, I can see a number of retailers just ordering the minimum, because that’s the kind of book you have to hide from new customer parents.

Oh, and to vote, you have to give them a “vaild e-mail address” [sic].

2 Responses to “Dynamite Asks for FCBD Choices”

  1. Lisa Lopacinski Says:

    When I voted today Red Sonja was leading, but Lone Ranger and BSG weren’t far behind. I definately think that Lone Ranger and BSG have a good public appeal for new folks, where Red Sonja and Army of Darkness and Re-Animator don’t have it quite as much, and are definately something that will have to be set on the “grown-ups only” table. It is cool to be able to participate in the decision making process for choosing what comic book they use.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I’m hoping, that by asking for the voter’s status, they’ll pay more attention to the opinions of retailers, since they’re the ones on the front lines.




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