The Year’s Not Over: Still to Come

Even though best of the year lists are already appearing, there are a number of books I’m strongly anticipating still due before 2007:

Top of my list is Rob Walton‘s Ragmop, a beloved project I never thought I’d see again but which is due any week now in a revamped single edition. And given its blend of satire, politics, and evolved dinosaurs, it’s culturally timely.

In manga, I’m looking forward to sampling all three versions of Train Man Densha Otoko, the last book of which I just got today.

I’m disappointed that they sold out of early release copies of Gabrielle Bell’s Lucky at SPX before I could get a copy, but it’s due to stores this month.

Fantagraphics’ Comics As Art: We Told You So was due back in the summer, but I suspect we won’t see it this year after all, given the pending legal action. Shame… it sounded like it would be an astounding history.

I’m hoping that Absolute New Frontier is the presentation that finally opens the story to me, because that package (out today) is simply beautiful.

What are you looking forward to this year?

5 Responses to “The Year’s Not Over: Still to Come”

  1. Craig Says:

    I totally forgot about the collected Ragmop, so thanks for the reminder!
    New Frontier also has politics and dinosaurs, if that helps…..

  2. Johanna Says:

    Oh, you’re right… only you’re SUPPOSED to laugh at the politics in Ragmop. (A fighter pilot who thinks he can do his job without killing? Come on…)

    I’m hoping that the Absolute is annotated, so I can find out more about some of that background. When I tried reading it before, I had to keep asking KC about the references.

  3. Patrick Dunn Says:

    I hope you do get into New Frontier this time; it’s a fantastic read and my favorite superhero book of last year. I’m not a huge DC history buff, and was lost on nuances of characters like the Losers, Challengers of the Unknown, etc., but I still enjoyed it immensely. It really boils down everything that superheroes should be about.

  4. Johanna Says:

    I’m looking forward simply to looking at it, if nothing else. Although I do love the sense of humor shown on the cover… on the back, near the middle left edge, that little Billy Batson floating on a pillow eating ice cream!

  5. Kevin Church Says:

    They did a fine, fine job with Absolute New Frontier – it was the book the original series deserved to be packaged in the first time around. Copious annotations, lots of sketches, breakdowns, new story pages. This is the third time I bought it and didn’t mind it at all.




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