Tokyopop’s Out of Print List

Did you know that the list of out-of-print Tokyopop books is available on their website? I had no idea! (Update: Link no longer available.)

I’d heard that several of my favorites — Kodocha: Sana’s Stage, Marmalade Boy, Suki — were no longer available, but it’s nice to have it officially confirmed.

Looks like a number of the media tie-ins are also dead, like Malcolm in the Middle, Power Rangers, and The Simple Life.


  1. […] Johanna links toTokyopop’s Out of Print List. I think it is criminal that Clamp’s Clover is out of print, but I’m glad I snapped up my copies before they became difficult to find. It does still look like some online bookstores have copies of the series. […]

  2. Chcocoabuddha

    Do you think Kodansha’s new book company in the US will pick up these titles?


    I also love Marmalade boy, and other classics, like MARS, and Kodocha. And so much more!!! Oh my god they are almost definitely going to pick them up….. I think?

  3. GetBackers is the one series I’m collecting from Tokyopop..the Infinity Fortress manga which was the last part is the only thing missing which is incomplete..sadly I may never see it again since none of the publishers picked it up.

    I guess I will have to study Japanese..since the original manga has been finished a long time ago.

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