Hey, I found yaoi manga I enjoyed reading! That’s because of the story’s setting, the field of pro wrestling. It’s a terrific choice for a homoerotic story, given all the well-built men in briefs grappling with each other.

I’m also interested because the characterization is more complex than other yaoi I’ve seen. Synn is a young wrestler who’s just made it to the big time. Renegade is a star who’s taken special interest. You see where this is going.

Renegade alternates between harassing and attempting to seduce Synn. At the same time, the two are playing a storyline in the ring that parallels their uneasy personal relationship. Synn doesn’t want to lose his burgeoning career, and he finds himself liking things about Renegade in spite of himself.

Renegade’s work-related harassment keeps pushing at Synn until the two have a physical relationship, complicated by Synn’s willingness to do anything for his career and Renegade claiming that this is different for him because he’s in love.

Rumors fly about Renegade’s previous relationship, with Synn not knowing what to believe. As the story progresses, he hears different versions, and he has to choose whose side he’s on.

The art is nothing to talk about. Like a mid-card wrestler, it gets the job done, but not attractively or well. The story, though, combines gripping soap opera in a well-chosen section with the male/male sex fans want.

Find out more at the publisher’s website.

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