Teen Titans Go! #36

I like Teen Titans Go! even more now that I’ve watched the cartoons, because I can see what a good job is done capturing the characters and the feel of the show.

I was especially pleased with issue #36, where Wonder Girl, the last of the originals to make an appearance, debuts, because of her presence. I love the design, especially the ponytail!

Teen Titans Go #36 cover

It’s lots of nostalgia all around. I would have enjoyed seeing Wondy interact more with Raven and Starfire, but instead we got Robin, Speedy (with boxing glove arrow!), Kid Flash, and Aqualad, a combination bound to raise an “awww” from any older reader. There’s even a little big-head marginal cartoon of them in their old outfits! Of course, they’re making fun of them.

There’s more story here than the comic has room for. As we come in, all the hero girls have been kidnapped by slave traders! And these heroes are all who are left to rescue them, with Wonder Girl’s presence being essential!

This is my favorite superhero comic because it tells straightforward heroic stories (by J. Torres) with likable characters and attractive, easy-to-read art (this issue, by Todd Nauck and Lary Stucker). It does exactly what it’s supposed to, entertain with stories of bringing justice to those who need it and stopping the bad guys.

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  1. Sebastian Says:

    Interesting how differently people can perceive art. I also liked the animated series a lot, but I dropped the comic when it was still in the single digits, because I didn’t like the adapted character designs they used. They looked too different from the show and also somehow… wrong. Something about the proportions and perspectives, I guess. I just didn’t like the look of it. I only buy now when they have guest artists (though Diamond somehow managed to not ship the #35 my store had ordered for me… I’ll have to get it elsewhere).

    For Justice League Unlimited, on the other hand, I still have the comic book on my pull list.


  2. Johanna Says:

    I found, in comparing the comic and cartoon over the weekend, that it’s the characters and personalities that matter most to me. I thought I’d try the JL cartoon after finishing Teen Titans, but that quickly got junked as an idea, because I just don’t care about that team or its members.

    I never noticed a problem with the look of the characters in print, but I got to know them there first.

  3. James Schee Says:

    Johanna, what about JL Unlimited? I got kind of bored with the JL cartoon, but when it became the Unlmited series and had focuses on characters like Booster and others it got really fun.

  4. Johanna Says:

    That’s what I was referring to — I just don’t care enough about the guest star of the week format.

  5. remix17 Says:

    Not a big fan of the comic based on the toon, as it really dumbs down the characters and Torres doesn’t seem to really “get” them at times.

    I was interested in this issue because of Wondergirl, and the amazing cover, but it figures she’s in a short dress/skirt and wearing high heels. A poster at another forum mentioned this, and Torres responded with a longer version of what was essentially, “Well, Murakami designed her, what can you do. But hey, it looks cute!”

    The poster was happy to get a response, but I reminded her that the response didn’t take the problem seriously and didn’t address the issue at all.

  6. Johanna Says:

    Wow, we disagree on almost every point here. I’ve found the TTG comic much more intelligent than several of the cartoon episodes. The cartoons with the pattern “intro bad guy; fight; lose; win” bore me to distraction, and I find the comic preferable.

    I don’t have a problem with the vaguely 60s looking outfit (mini and heeled boots) of Wondergirl, because to me it evokes the era of her creation. And I think J’s response does address the question. He’s politely saying “I used what I was told I had to”.

    There are probably better books to address the issue with, too.

  7. AL ROX Says:

    from the pic, it is so obvious that guys juz cant handle a pretty/strong/smart girl, or their ego will explode or something.

  8. misa Says:


  9. hi raven Says:

    i like raven….i am love teen titans…raven cool….but…

  10. raven of azarath Says:

    i luv the teen titans but mostly my top 3 characters raven, terra, and beast boy…its said when beast boy was a kid he got bitten by a green monkey so he got powers when his parents cured him…thats kinda strange but cool…i feel bad for terra since she got amnesia and couldn’t remember beast boy i so cried then ^_^




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