Read Civil War #4 for Free

At least, until Marvel shuts down this copyright violation. Update: Which has now been done.

Comic Ebooks (link no longer available) sells electronic copies (PDF files) of DC and Marvel comics. (At $1.99 an issue, by the way, which is not only illegal, but greedy.) Their current free sample is Civil War #4, which you can download without registration of any kind.

The sheer gall astounds me. Why would anyone think this would be a good idea? Or were they just counting on making money until they were forced to shut down?

2 Responses to “Read Civil War #4 for Free”

  1. M. R. Turnage Says:

    When I followed the link, the site looked like it wasn’t working. Clicking the ‘Enter’ button took me to the main page, and the free sample page seemed to be taken down. Just FYi.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Ah, they got to it already. Good for Marvel (I assume).




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