Make Your Own Tokyopop Manga

A new press release:

Planetwide Media, a pioneer in interactive personalized media software, and TOKYOPOP, the leader of the Global Manga Revolution, announced today the upcoming release of TOKYOPOP Manga Creator(tm) self-publishing software and TOKYOPOP packs of digital content.

Manga Creator software

TOKYOPOP and Planetwide Media have signed a joint licensing agreement to create, market and sell the TOKYOPOP Manga Creator and TOKYOPOP Packs online through,, and at selected retailers worldwide. TOKYOPOP Manga Creator(tm) software will provide manga and anime fans the opportunity to create, share and interact with TOKYOPOP characters, backgrounds, logos, icons, and screen shots, while creating their very own TOKYOPOP manga.

I’ve seen a demo of this company’s software, and it’s pretty neat. I thought of it as a toy, for kids to use stock images and layouts to put together their own Marvel comics, but they’re pitching it as much more. I wonder what’s going to happen once more people get a hold of this and start publishing their own comics starring Spider-Man to the web. But that’s not what we’re here for today.

What we’re here for is to talk about Tokyopop’s license. Which I also wonder about, because the books Tokyopop owns are those we call OEL manga. Are Dramacon characters going to be included, for instance? Or will licensed Japanese or Korean books be involved somehow? The images I recognize from the preview art banner are from OEL books.

But check this promo bit out:

If you’re already a manga artist, simply upload the JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP images of your own art into Creator, and create an even more original manga comic book.

Suddenly, it’s a production studio. Are we going to start seeing OEL manga with suspiciously similar layouts or characters that don’t change position much?

They’re promising the ease of drag’n’drop and “the ability to post personalized TOKYOPOP manga to a blog or social network, email creations to friends, or print out in manga format.” What a dream to sell aspiring creators: buy our software, and you can be a manga-ka for only $30. Windows only, though.


  1. I wonder what relation this will share to e-Frontier’s “MangaCreator” software, which is being produced in association with TokyoPop – sounds like it might be a dumbed-down version of the “Debut” version. (And which prominently features a lot of “Van Von Hunter” art).

  2. Well, I guess I know what will be flooding the Artist Alleys of anime cons next year. Manga-by-number.

  3. Based on the press release I found, it looks like competition — although you’re right, MangaCreator seems to be targeting artists more.

  4. […] Press release corner: Digital Manga has opened a travel agency and Tokyopop is putting its name on manga-creation software. I’m linking to Johanna’s versions of the press releases as she has good comments on both. […]

  5. What I want to know is if you are already an aspiring comic/manga artist, why would you need this software? Does it have tones? Pagination? PDF output capabilities?

    I worry that a lot of hopefuls will buy this product thinking it will do the work for them only to be sadly dissappointed. But for those looking ofr a neat toy, I imagine it will be quite fun, especially for children learning how to create content with a computer :)

  6. […] (The same company also puts out the Tokyopop manga creator program I’ve previously mentioned. There are also versions for Nacho Libre and Speed Racer, and the company has announced its intent to do a Virgin Comics version.) […]

  7. that mangas cool and i love to write manga

  8. Does anyone know how much it costs?????

  9. It doesn’t seem to be available yet, but their other products are in the $30 range.

  10. lol that’s ranu’s pokemon doujishin :]

  11. dude ithinkyou get to but people from the maga (i luv halloween,lovehina,sgtfrog,etcetcetcetcetcetcetc) and if thats the case ihope there is a shonen jump one coming out 2!

  12. i mean put people from tokyopop manga ^^

  13. i love manga it’s awsome

  14. Man i like manga !! i,m thinking of making my own manga called “the kingdom”

    thank u for inspiring me !

  15. This seems like total bullcrap. “Insert picture and speech bubble here, instant manga!”

  16. Well other people have their opinions while other people stick their foot on the ground and say NO!!!! You can have your manga and other people can have theirs….

  17. can you teach me how to create mangas/cause i need it in my class project,as soon as posible.thank you

  18. I know how to draw manga and i draw really well.I also plan on making my own manga startin to day.Hopefully I can get it publish one day which I think is possible for me even though I’m young.

  19. Why is it so damn hard to find a college or university that has manga illustration classes? Aren’t there any by now? Or do i still have to go to Japan…>_<

  20. I suspect most college classes are for art, irrespective of a particular style.

  21. what ink i needed to make it black color the surface….

  22. i wonder how can i make my OWN manga comics?? are there tutorials in which i can join?? please.. i really want to make one. i’m a fan of it for several months now… please.. i NEED to… thank you!

  23. acuatly its better to find some books on how to make ur own manga and learn that way bc u can’t really be sure to follow someone ELSE’S way of drawing or making manga its better if u find a way to make ur OWN in a style MORE comfortable to it won’t be easy for others to copy your style ^^

  24. just letting u guys know some of my knolage from being an artist myself for the last 4 years

  25. I myself write and draw (graphic novels, since i’m in U.S.)manga art styled books. It is true to design and make your own style it allows people to recognize you and your works, if we all drew and published DBZ(just an example) art works and stories then anime/mangas would all be the same and boring.

  26. AnimeMaster-INSANEINK

    I have been looking for talented artists and people with unique skills in writing. I host a forum, myspace and several other stores etc. for works my group produces right now we’re working on a web-comic.
    i personally am not familiar with this item but just to clear things up YOU define yourself of who you are through the things YOU do, and create, not by some one else’s works, just because it’s easier.

  27. […] and you can build manga without drawing much yourself. It’s a print version of something like Tokyopop Manga Creator. Again, from the introduction: We have done most of the hard work for you… It’s as […]

  28. Looked for it can’t find it ,prbubly have to oder it over the computer.but Ive never been great at buildings in any art and This realy doae the triker things for you.^^

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