Sgt. Frog Cartoon Coming to US

ADV Films has announced that they have acquired English-speaking rights to the Sgt. Frog anime for broadcast, home video, and merchandising. There are over 130 cartoon episodes so far, and 11 of the 14 volumes of the manga series has already been published here from Tokyopop.

(Which may change, since the ADV press release claims “ADV is the master toy, merchandising and interactive game licensing representative for the franchise in the English-speaking territories, including but not limited to printed goods, food and drink, and apparel.” Or maybe “printed goods” doesn’t include books. Or maybe they’ll work out a joint deal of some kind.)

ICv2 interviewed the CEO to find out more. There’s lots of puffery and no comment, especially regarding a change (already?) in DVD release dates.

Diamond’s February Previews listed the first DVD for Sgt. Frog, with a ship date of February 28th. Then on Monday they issued a retraction, saying that ADV had rescheduled the release for a date to be determined. What happened?

Sgt. Frog is a huge franchise with a lot of interested parties. I can’t say specifically why it was delayed, but there’s good reason. Suffice it to say that things are looking very good for Sgt. Frog.

Has ADV licensed all the episodes of the Sgt. Frog anime series (132 according to one source)? Is the series still on-going in Japan?

Yes, we have it all, and it’s still ongoing. With the ratings it’s getting in Japan, we expect it’ll be on the air for some time! This isn’t just a fan phenomenon in Japan — children, teens, tweens and adults all love Sgt. Frog! This is truly a mainstream franchise.

Has ADV licensed the Sgt. Frog feature film?

I really can’t comment on that, except to say that I’m a big fan of the movie.

Since the last line of the press release on their site gives a name to direct licensing inquiries to, I find myself wondering if this is just the worm on the hook. Put out the news (but without actual commitments), get the fans stirred up, and then sign up companies to manufacture your products.


  1. Johanna, I hope Adult Swim picks this one up. If it is half as good as the manga, then it will be fun to watch.

  2. Kevin Lighton

    I suspect it’s more likely to show up on the Anime Network, which ADV is rather heavily involved with.

  3. But Anime Network still doesn’t have a very extensive reach, so they may want greater exposure.

  4. Kevin Lighton

    Possibly, but most or all of Anime Network’s programming is ADV, while Cartoon Network’s anime programming (Adult Swim or otherwise) seems to be mostly Viz and Pioneer/Geneon and no ADV. Given that ADV’s been one of the biggest companies in the anime market for quite a while and (AFAIK) hasn’t had anything on Cartoon Network, I suspect they aren’t that interested in getting on it.

  5. I hope the comics come soon!!
    I’m so obsessed with SGT frog!! (keroro gunso)
    I even come to the library to read the comics that’s
    available right now. Like volum 8,4 and 6.
    I really want to read volum 1, because I really want
    to know how keroro came to earth to meet his new
    masters, koyuki and hinata.
    I like Dororo the best.Because he’s a ninja.^^

  6. Maryzol Garcia

    I’ve seen the trailor, and I have to say, Im a little dissapointed on how Keroro’s voice came out. I do hope they’ll put it in cartoon network, or else im going to ave to search high and low for the DVDs because I dont get the Anime Network.

  7. Are you kiding me cartoon network want it.

  8. Maryzol Garcia

    I went on Youtube and also found the spanish trailor, and it also says cartoon network, so I think they are going to air it.

  9. ^^ ohiho~! all fans of sgt. frog~!
    good day to you all! please some one sendme a link on my site or something i must read sgt. frog~! ><” ^_^ please and thankies!

  10. You misspelled “Good Morning”…… -_-‘

    It’s おはいよ or O-HAI-YO

  11. You misspelled “Good Morning”…… -_-‘

    It’s おはいよ or O-HAI-YO

    You misspelled it yourself.

    It’s O-HA-YOU. Hiragana – おはよう >.>

    LOOK IT UP!!!!!!!!

  13. […] Sgt. Frog anime (cartoon) was first announced as coming to the U.S. in November 2006. Now, two years later, FUNimation Entertainment (the new […]

  14. I’m really interested in the upcoming news.
    I hope they end up putting Sgt. Frog up soon. Anime Network or Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, whatever they put it up on, I don’t care. As long as they have it up, I will be happy.
    I understand the circumstances of the horribly set out voice actors, but I’m glad that I can at least understand it, and if it may be at the critical point to where it’s burning my ears.

  15. It would be so coool if it was on cartoon network.
    I have been reading the manga and I have been wondering if there was an anime, then I searched on the internet Sgt. Frog and found websites.
    I even found a ton of results.

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