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Red Sonja vs. Thulsa Doom cover
Red Sonja vs. Thulsa Doom

Dynamite‘s been kind enough to send me copies of some of their collections, and while I appreciate the chance to browse, not much is tickling my fancy. That doesn’t surprise me — their strongest properties aren’t aimed at readers like me.

Take, for instance, Red Sonja vs. Thulsa Doom. I don’t care if Peter David did write it, I can’t take seriously a woman in a chain-mail bikini waving a sword around. Although I did have a certain amount of intellectual curiosity satisfied by the extensive cover gallery — I wondered just how many different ways the title character could be posed to show off her assets without it becoming repetitive. The answer is, more than I would have guessed.

There’s a ton of Army of Darkness collections, but that’s zombie horror, so cute as Bruce Campbell is, I’ll pass.

Then there’s Monster War, a teamup overkill. The “Dynamite Monsters” crossed over with the Top Cow babes: Darkness, Magdalena, Tomb Raider, and Witchblade fight Dracula, Frankenstein, wolfmen, and Mr. Hyde. That’s bang for your buck right there — assuming you’re looking for boobs and blood. Even though it’s a paperback, there are two alternate covers. Just a reminder that Dynamite’s run by Dynamic Forces, the collectible shop.

2 Responses to “Dynamite Overview”

  1. Andrew Smith Says:

    This reminds me of Cerebus, when Red Sophia shows him her breasts (not seen in the picture) and Cerebus replies, “They’ll probably heal if you stop wearing that chain-mail bikini.”

  2. John Sammut Says:

    I think the art draw on most of the covers of Red Sonja are just brilliant and the colours are just spectacular.

    Also could you tell me which are more expensve to buy issues of Red Sonja the Alernative or Dyamite editions? Whats the difference between the to issues in value wize?




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