Due Out This Week

Due in your local comic store tomorrow:

Rob Walton‘s Ragmop! Easily my buy of the week, this bizarre romp through politics and conspiracies is told in an old-fashioned-cartoon-influenced style. I loved it as a series ten (!) years ago, and now I can’t wait to see the whole thing as a book.

Batman/The Spirit might be one of the few superhero comics I enjoy these days, if Darwyn Cooke’s influence overcomes the Jeph Loeb taint. Oh, wait! There’s also Teen Titans Go!, which I always like. #37 is even a holiday issue.

Hey, look, the George Pérez Storyteller book is out, only a year late! I hope it’s worth the wait.

New issues of Castle Waiting and True Story Swear to God will be nice. (It’s also nice to see a regular Image title come out in timely fashion. This and Casanova give me back the hope that following Paul Grist’s work took away.)

Disappointment of the week is Colleen Doran’s Girl to Grrrl Manga: How to Draw the Hottest Shoujo Manga. I’ve had a review copy for a while, but I’ve put off talking about it because I was so looking forward to it, and I hated to be the bearer of bad news. I do need to review it, because I need to put my thoughts on it in order and be detailed about my criticisms, but the short version is: it seemed to assume that I already knew the things I didn’t and that I didn’t know the obvious.

I’m still looking forward to getting the five Viz manga volumes and two Tokyopop that were due this month and haven’t arrived yet. (That’s typical of the manga publishers; I don’t know if Diamond sits on their books too long or if they’re just more interested in the bookstore market.)

It’s a shame that, given the interest in Superman with the big ol’ DVD set release of Superman Ultimate Collector’s Edition this week, that DC’s got so many of his titles running late: Superman, All-Star Superman, Superman/Batman (the one out this week is last month’s), Supergirl, Justice League of America

Last note: where’s my Serenity t-shirt I ordered in July for September delivery?

3 Responses to “Due Out This Week”

  1. Rob Walton Says:

    Johanna, you always were a dear. Enjoy ragmop as you never thought to see it. Complete. Unadulterated. Funny as hell. Hey, if Superman can return, so can Alice!

  2. Ed Sizemore Says:

    >Last note: where’s my Serenity t-shirt I ordered in July for September delivery?

    Probably the same place my hardcover copy of the The Life of Pope John Paul II is.

  3. Craig Says:

    Yay Ragmop! I have to wait til next week to get mine… sigh! Can’t wait!




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