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Thanks to much patient help from Del Rey’s new Manga Marketing Manager, Ali Kokmen, I am now finally subscribed to their monthly newsletter (link no longer available)! I’d signed up a number of times, but nothing ever showed up — turns out that the “allow non-Western characters” option had to be set on my email account. (Duh on me!) I’m looking forward to finding out more about their books, because they’re so well-packaged I’d like to be reading more of them… but that depends on whether any of the stories grab me. I was impressed, though, by the number of readers mentioning them favorably in the Viz or Tokyopop comments thread.

I don’t think I’ll be trying any more xxxHOLiC, but I still like Othello, and I’m thinking I should try Genshiken again, since I keep hearing good things.


  1. Ali told me I’d enjoy LOVE ROMA so I checked out the first volume. I’m not much of a manga reader, honestly (and I’m not even a huge romance reader), but it’s a great book. I have Volume II on order now. If you’re looking to sample some Del Rey books, I suggest checking that one out.

  2. ES by Fuyumi Soryo is one you might want to check out from Del Rey, as well; it’s pretty new, but the first two volumes I’ve read so far really have me hooked. It looks like sci-fi at first, but it’s really more a psychological thriller than anything . . . Very smooth writing and a pleasure to follow (I love the simplicity of Fuyumi’s layouts) with completely believable characters. I know you like “Tramps Like Us” and the female lead in ES certainly has that same sort of strong, feminine outlook on life that I think is what jumped this book for me up above the rest of the titles I currently have to choose from.

  3. Genshiken has a certain ongoing charm – I feel warmly towards the series (particularly after the first book is over). It seems…I dunno, more honest than other, more stock treatments of nerds. It has what I think of as a Jane Austen quality: I’m not from that time and place, but good heavens I live with people like that!

  4. I appreciate the suggestions!

    I looked at Love Roma once, but I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. It was a manga, but it reminded me of some US alternative comics and minicomics I’d seen in its pacing and styling.

    I’ve never heard of ES, but “reminds me in some way of Tramps Like Us” is an incredibly high recommendation, thanks!

  5. ES has been on my radar since I read the preview. I’ve also found Wallflower interesting, though not interesting enough to make it to my rather tight buying list.

  6. Hey Johanna! ES and LOVE ROMA are both excellent, among my favourite reads right now. I’d also recommend SUGAR SUGAR RUNE which is an edgy and adorable tween girl manga, and NODAME CANTABILE, which is a shoujo manga that plays against type. It’s got a very complicated male lead, and the whole thing is very good natured and different from many manga.

  7. ES is by Fuyumi Soryo, who did the shoujo series Mars, which you might know; I love her art both in its light-handed Mars version and its starker, steadier ES version.

    XXXholic gets much better later on, especially in examining Watanuki’s character and growth, but I mostly followed it for the sake of the art for the first few volumes.

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