Image Fixing Invincible Library Quality Problems

The Complete Invincible Library was due to comic shops next week, but due to binding problems, Image has announced that the initial run will be destroyed and reprinted. As a result, the books will be delayed until mid-January.

I think it’s great that a publisher wants to ensure that purchasers of a high-ticket bookshelf item get the quality they deserve, although it’s a shame that this pushes it beyond the holiday gift season. The Diamond order code, in case you want to pick one up, is OCT061854.

Update: Image sent out more information: the new release date is January 17, 2007, and orders are adjustable until December 20. They also sent out some pictures, but they’re simply of the spine splitting. When you’ve got a book that’s over 750 pages, you really want the binding to hold together.

One Response to “Image Fixing Invincible Library Quality Problems”

  1. Dave Mahlin Says:

    Image did the same thing with the Vol. 1 hardcover of Matt Wagner’s MAGE. There is a gatefold page toward the end of the run that the printer screwed up and bound in as two separate pages. Image demanded that the printer fix it, resulting in a delay of several months. I was annoyed, as I had pre-paid for my copy when I ordered it, but my annoyance was tempered when I learned of the reason why- from a pal of mine who asked Matt about it at a con somewhere. Good for Image- we all appreciate that kind of quality control.




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