I See Parker’s Peter

In Spider-Man: Reign #1, there’s a particular panel that’s causing some retailer concern: it shows what appears to be Peter Parker sitting naked on the edge of a bed. The “dangly bits” are cartoony, but any suggestion of nudity in a superhero book is enough to get retailers in some sections of the US in deep trouble if sold to the wrong family.

Reportedly, this was one of those “it was fixed but the previous art got mistakenly sent to the printer” situations. Regardless, Marvel has made the issue returnable. It’ll be interesting to see whether this gets reprinted, and if so, whether this panel is changed.

Meanwhile, Graeme McMillan reviews the comic itself as a Dark Knight Returns ripoff.

5 Responses to “I See Parker’s Peter”

  1. jfire Says:

    They’ve clearly lost the plot over there at Marvel. Good god.

  2. Lisa Lopacinski Says:

    Marvel has already announced plans to reprint in which the “error” will be removed, saying that they sold well on the regular print, plus this way retaiers who have a problem selling the current Full Monty version can get a “fixed” copy.

  3. lea Says:

    “a shadow” SNORT.

  4. stratosfyr Says:

    …A shadow of its former self?

    Predicting “Penis-Free Variant” in the next few weeks.

  5. Fabian Says:

    I think I was more distracted by how much of a Dark Knight rip-off this story is.




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