Johns/Donner Storyline Delayed

It appears that Action Comics is the latest title with a Hollywood-connected creator to be delayed. Just received in email (and one suspects that a late Friday afternoon release carries with it hope that few notice the changes):


DC Comics announces that part four of the landmark “Last Son” storyline written by Geoff Johns & Richard Donner and illustrated by Adam Kubert has been moved from January’s ACTION COMICS #847 to March’s issue #848.

ACTION COMICS #847 (DEC060189) will feature a new story written by Dwayne McDuffie (FIRESTORM) and illustrated by Renato Guedes (SUPERMAN: UP, UP AND AWAY; OMAC). With Metropolis under siege from General Zod and the villainous hordes of the Phantom Zone, Clark Kent’s friends and family watch in horror as Superman heads into danger against the greatest odds of his career!

Retailers may make order adjustments on ACTION COMICS #847 (DEC060189) now through February 8.

The ACTION COMICS #847 3-D EDITION (DEC060190) has been cancelled. ACTION COMICS #848 and ACTION COMICS #848 3-D EDITION will be solicited in the January Previews and are scheduled to arrive in stores on March 28.

I’m always glad to see comics by Dwayne McDuffie, but it can’t be fun being a fill-in. And after DC just sent out a bunch of review copies of the current Action #845, too, trying to bring more attention to this storyline. Note also that while there’s a one-issue delay, they’re actually delaying the final issue of the storyline by two months; there’s no Action in February.

5 Responses to “Johns/Donner Storyline Delayed”

  1. Dwight Williams Says:

    Always good to see new stuff from Dwayne. May there be more of it.

  2. Chris Galdieri Says:

    I’d rather a McDuffie comic that wasn’t part 3.5 of 4, though. Am I hurting comics when I say I can’t wait for the first trade of his Fantastic Four run?

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  4. Paul O'Brien Says:

    Hey, at least the Richard Donner thing actually appears to exist. How many years has that Bryan Singer ULTIMATE X-MEN storyline been in the pipeline?

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