Sunday Spidey Update

Remember the free Spider-Man Sunday paper inserts that started this summer? Well, my local paper, which has been carrying them, today had an interesting blurb… On the front page, in the section with the table of contents and the small plugs for content, was this announcement:

The Amazing Spider-Man comic book will not be in your Richmond Times-Dispatch after today. The distributor unexpectedly restructured the original agreement, and the Times-Dispatch will no longer participate in this program.

I wonder what the distributor wanted? We noticed today that the insert is even thinner than usual, and there’s only one third-party ad, for a Listerine plaque-fighting rinse. Maybe they aren’t making the money they expected? Maybe the demand isn’t there?

Of the other two ad pages, one says “Don’t miss the next adventure of the Amazing Spider-Man… Find out where and when to get the next issue at, the site where super-moms can save up to $85 with free printable grocery coupons!” To find the information, you have to click “Get Coupons Now!” which I didn’t find very user-friendly. And it hasn’t been updated, since it still lists the Richmond paper.

The second house ad page offers the comics for sale. Any five are $14.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling. The set of the first 15 (this week’s is marked 18) is $29.95 plus $7.95 S&H. That’s awfully expensive for these flimsy free giveaways. Not to mention that the ad says “order a complete set as a holiday gift”, but they’re not offering a complete set of all issues so far, and given delivery times, you aren’t going to get them anywhere near in time.

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  1. carpboy Says:

    Aside from the first week (which reprinted the Spider-Man portion of Amazing Fantasy #15), each week has consisted of half of an issue of Amazing Spider-Man. That is, until recently, where #8 was split over three weeks (16-18). I’m wondering if that’s the restructuring being referred to.

    The ad for selling these supplements really rubbed me the wrong way too… but I guess they want to stimulate sales on the monthlies, not the trades…? If the Barnes & Noble Masterworks reprints weren’t OOP, kids could still pick these up 10 issues at a time for 15 bucks.

    In any case, I’m only interested in seeing what new covers they commission for these.

  2. Journalista » Blog Archive » Dec. 18, 2006: Yahooligans Says:

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  3. Ray Cornwall Says:

    I think I’d rather have the Steve Ditko Spider-Man Omnibus next year, thankyouveddymuch.

  4. Tony Isabella Says:

    The same thing happened with the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

  5. Rosie Says:

    I think it is very expensive to buy the spiderman
    comics that come free in the paper as Johana did.
    What if you only needed one. Can you buy one or
    do you have to buy six of them to get the one you

  6. Drahken Says:

    My local paper is ending spiderman after the 22nd reprint (it was supposed to go to 46). There was an article explaining the situation, apparently smartsource expected to get a bunch of advertisers to pay the cost of the comic. They didn’t get the advertising needed, so they tried to charge the newspapers more. The newspapers said “screw you” and backed out of the deal.
    What I wonder is if smartsource is going to print anything beyond #22 and just have it sit in a warehouse because the papers won’t accept it, or if #22 is the last one they’re going to print.

  7. Johanna Says:

    Thanks so much for elaborating on that! I noticed the lack of ads in the inserts. It’s a shame SmartSource apparently didn’t have things lined up the way they should have.

  8. Mac McMahan Says:

    Anyone know how to obtain selected copies of these spiderman comic pamplets? Have a grandson who is missing a couple issues.




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