PW Best of 2006

I was honored to participate in the PW Comics Week first annual critics’ poll. You already know my choices; now find out how all the critics’ votes added up. It’s a widely diverse list demonstrating the great variety of terrific graphic novels available today.

5 Responses to “PW Best of 2006”

  1. Chris Arrant Says:

    I hope all the PWCW writers post their lists. I did mine over at my site, and Ian is going to later this week I think.

  2. Ian Brill Says:

    Yeah, mine’s right here.

  3. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] Now, here comes the reason for this post’s title: an example of a sore loser. As regular readers know, I contributed to this year’s PW Comics Week Best of 2006. So did Dan Nadel, apparently. Going into it, I picked the ten books I most enjoyed reading this year, the ones that made me think and the ones I expect to reread many times in future. I couldn’t think of any better criteria. […]

  4. Best of 2007 » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] was honored to be asked to participate in the PWCW Critics’ Poll for the second time. Here are my choices for the best graphic novels of 2007, with […]

  5. PWCW Best of 2009 » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] asked to participate in the PW Comics Week critics’ poll for its fourth year. (It started in 2006, and I’ve put in my list every year.) This time, I combined entries from my 2009 best manga […]




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