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Shojo Beat January 2007 cover

David Welsh has information on the Shojo Beat redesign. He points to the press release as well. The magazine’s covers starting now (the January 2007 issue just hit shelves) will feature their new mascot, Beat Girl. I’m with David that that name isn’t the best, but I think a mascot is a great way to bring consistency to the covers — instead of featuring one of a rotating number of features, now, they’ve got a hip girl that can be drawn by different artists.

The magazine is also adding new features, with fashion coverage, items on “culture and trends” (my favorite part), and “a new Girl Hero column … spotlighting real women doing a variety of selfless and charitable works for other people”. Sounds like a great blend for the young female reader, and I’m thrilled to see a successful comic aiming for continuing improvement.

Again via David, a very impressive webcomic by Metrokitty. She illustrates how important and stunning it is for readers to see people like themselves, both in art and creating it.

I’m into comic books, so I’m accustomed to not usually finding people like me in the stories I’m reading. So it can be a bit of a shock to see myself in the paper mirror.

Paper Mirror excerpt

What a wonderful phrase to sum up that recognition!

Even though I’ve never been there, I’m sad to hear that mystery bookstore Murder Ink is closing. When I was heavily into mystery fiction in the 70s and early 80s, it sounded like heaven… a bookstore dedicated only to what I loved! Of all eras and types!

It’s the same old story — declining sales due to competition from Barnes & Noble and Amazon, more profit from items like journals and greeting cards, and saddest of all, the dying off of the literate generation.

There are currently about 2,500 independent bookstores in the United States, not counting stores that deal only in used books, said Meg Smith, a spokeswoman for the American Booksellers Association. In 1993 the number stood at about 4,700.

Lastly, on a personal note, this comment from MangaBlog really made my day:

Get two of the most articulate women in comics, Johanna Draper Carlson and Steady Beat creator Rivkah, together and what is the result? An Interview Worth Reading.

oooh, happy warmth. Thank you so much!

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