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Things that have made me shake my head sadly lately…

Newsarama covers Divalicious, a Tokyopop graphic novel due in March I’m looking forward to, with interviews and preview pages. The first response? “Tokyopop really needs to stop with those cheapo, ugly, ‘american-made manga’ BS.” Nice. Why the compulsion from certain types of comic readers to put down anything that’s not aimed at them? Are they that insecure about themselves and their tastes?

The best thing you can do when the nay-sayers get you down is keep on keeping on, as Riot Comics & Culture demonstrates (link no longer available). (Although in his case, it’s also good advice not to be so open in public as to give the nay-sayers plenty of ammunition.)

Or, like Dan Vado, publisher of Slave Labor Graphics, you can take someone’s selfishness (as when someone basically asks him to sum up everything he’s learned over decades of business and hand it to them for free) and turn it into a service to the community.

People are always asking me how to start their own comic book companies or their own businesses, but they ask me in a way that is a little insulting, as if running a business is something that could be summed up in a couple of paragraphs or a single email, implying that there is some easy, connect-the-dots secret to publishing. Obviously there isn’t.

… The email above got me to thinking that there are legitimate questions people might have about the business of publishing comics, not because everyone is interested in starting a company but because people like that kind of behind-the-scenes kind of stuff.

So, I am making a limited time offer, post your questions (any questions actually, not just business type stuff) as replies to this post and I will do my best to give you answers. I won’t answer all of them (really, I am not interested in telling people how to be my competitor and to push me off the shelves and anything resembling a trade secret is going to stay that way) and I may not get to them all right away, but the questions I do respond to will have thoughtful replies posted as new entries to my Livejournal.

Sounds like that’s going to be some good reading to come.

Ok, that’s all the comic stuff. Bail out now if that’s all you’re looking for (or you’re a rabid Republican).

My wishes for 2007 are peace and a return of our soldiers from pointless and unjust overseas wars. My sister-in-law’s brother, a Marine, is being sent to Afghanistan in the new year, which makes the President’s warmongering seem even more hateful and despicable to me. I hope that sometime in the future George Bush and Dick Cheney pay appropriately for their lies and criminal acts. I wish for impeachment, but it won’t happen, because our country cares more about loyalty, power, and partisanship than ethical behavior and truth. When I look at what those two have done to this country, I alternately rage and sink into deep depression, but I know that history will judge them harshly (as well as perhaps judging us, who didn’t do enough to stop them, as well). I wish a more hopeful and healthy 2007 for us all.

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  1. A. H. Says:

    My favorite part of that Newsarama article was the title–nothing says “fun teen-girl-friendly romp” like a strained and tenacious T&A pun. (You can practically hear the writer/interviewer giggling at how clever he is re: boobs.) It’s sad on a number of levels.

    Good luck to you and yours in 2007.

  2. MangaBlog » Blog Archive » Thursday late roundup Says:

    […] Newsarama talks to Divalicious creators T Campbell and Amy Mebberson. The snotty kids show up in the first comment on this story but are quickly smacked down by the grownups. (Via Comics Worth Reading.) […]

  3. Sebastian Says:

    Heh… about the only really good titles in TP’s recent line-up are among their original works.

    I’ll certainly check out “Divalicious”, since I still have fond memories of “As If” and enjoyed T. Campbell’s writing on several other series.

  4. Kef Says:

    “Why the compulsion from certain types of comic readers to put down anything that’s not aimed at them?”

    [Irony-Meter explodes]




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