Civil War Not Available on West Coast

When I hear about this kind of thing happening, I’m really glad KC and I decided not to open a comic shop. It’s not a sensible business to be in, given the dependence on only one supplier for major product lines.

Brian Hibbs reports that comic shops served out of Diamond’s LA warehouse are only getting at most 15% of their orders on Civil War #6. This comes after many of those retailers weren’t sent several DC titles last week. Hibbs goes on to say:

We’re ASSUMING it’s like last week’s problem with the DCs, and they didn’t, y’know, burn up in a fiery traffic accident or something, but we don’t actually know because, as is normal, we found out by looking at our invoices, and not because anyone at Diamond, y’know, told us.

So on top of missing a major release (and one already significantly delayed), they’re operating with guesswork due to the holidays.

Hibbs also asks that reviews online be held for a week. Fat chance of that happening. But I don’t believe it’s that important, myself. As I said when I started Spoilt!, “a good comic is still a good read even if you know what happens.” (Not to mention that a good review shouldn’t reveal too many plot elements, anyway.)

4 Responses to “Civil War Not Available on West Coast”

  1. Mark Fossen Says:

    a good comic is still a good read even if you know what happens

    I thought we were talking about Civil War?

    (I can’t resist a setup like that ….)

  2. Johanna Says:

    Ding ding ding. If a comic isn’t good enough to withstand potential buyers finding out what happens in it early, then it deserves sinking sales.

  3. Lisa Lopacinski Says:

    The way the series has been going, I’ll be surprised if anything DOES happen.

  4. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] In response to problems getting key comic titles on the West Coast, most recently Civil War #6, the retailer group ComicsPRO has released a statement: An Open Letter from the Board of Directors of ComicsPRO […]




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