Self-Indulgent Happy New Year LinkBlogging

Myk at TZG2 includes my blog in his list of loved in 2006, for which I thank him profusely. The comment “The reviews tend to run a bit on the tame side” reminded me how different perspectives can be, or maybe I am mellowing with age… or just deciding not to waste as much time on the bad comics. (He’s also very good with post header images, which I could learn from.)

I’m guest-starring in Rich Johnston’s Seventh Annual Rumour Awards, apparently because he considers me a public figure. I think maybe it’s because this is the year I officially stopped not speaking to him. :) At least I’m in excellent company. I didn’t know he was doing this ahead of time, but it made me laugh, especially his callback to my time at DC. As Rich refers to himself,

Don’t you realise this is a guaranteed way to get all these bloggers and writers to link to this very column? That Johnston, he’s so transparent.

5 Responses to “Self-Indulgent Happy New Year LinkBlogging”

  1. Nat Gertler Says:

    The Serenity comics sold a lot of copies… and we are seeing more comics, in the fall.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I think you’re on the wrong post?

  3. myk Says:

    Johanna, “tame”, well… it might just be my being smitten with bouts of hyperbole. I´m totally cool with you kind of reviewing as I can get the other stuff elsewhere. It´s just that I´d like to see a few more sparks flying at times, in both directions good AND bad.

    I know that Derek Badman was irritated by me calling him the “grumpy” sage of comics blogging. So maybe you could swap adjectives? You could be grumpy and he´d be tame. ;)

  4. Johanna Says:

    It’s true, I have trouble expressing unbridled positivity, because I always fear sounding like one of those people for whom everything is the absolute best EVER!

    It’s just that, given my history and past experiences, I think this is the first time I’ve ever been called “tame”. It was eye-opening.

  5. myk Says:

    Heh, I know what you mean. I began my review of the TRUTH SERUM with the words “We pause for a moment as along comes the greatest comic book ever.”

    You can pretty much stop doing comic reviews after that. But since I´m blogging in a critical fantasy world anyways it somehow worked for me.




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