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Just a few quick items:

I just ordered the Huntress: Dark Knight Daughter collection. When it comes to the older books, I like to see an actual copy to check reproduction, see if there are extras, etc. and then buy online at a discount because I am an evil information-using consumer.

Huntress: Dark Knight Daughter cover

The Huntress was my favorite character once, because the idea of being Catwoman AND Batman’s daughter was just so cool (even if the Catwoman part was too often forgotten). Now, Dorian’s art selections from the book have made me question my choice. (No, not really.)

…many of the shots make me wonder who, given that the strip ran as a back-up in Wonder Woman, DC execs thought was reading Wonder Woman at the time. … Here we see Helena has learned to keep her mouth shut while expositioning, but not to tie her damn robe front.

I do like that a woman pops up in the comments to defend the work based on realistic female behavior. I’m not going to, because it’s clearly cheesecake, but compared to the Photoshop porn we get these days, at least it’s demurely charming cheesecake. I still like the character, even if she’s another reminder that even back then, superhero comics were for boys.

Taking another tack, Techdirt has an article about the dangers of selecting library content by popularity: you lose the classics in favor of crap. Any fan of any cancelled comic can empathize.

Winding down, when I saw this Ivan Brunetti cover on the latest New Yorker, I found it quietly comforting. It’s so unlike his usual work.

3 Responses to “Sleepytime LinkBlogging”

  1. Ray Tate Says:

    You know, I’m thoroughly enjoying the Huntress collection. I have most of the issues, but coloring technology has greatly improved since then. So the adventures look even better in the collection than originally. Good paper stock too.

    I do disagree with the cheesecake commentary. Helena Wayne would have to be sexy as the Huntress. She’s the daughter of Catwoman for goodness sake–one of the sexiest villains in comic books–and one of the original versions of Batman, who I’m sure a lot of female and gay comic book readers find sexy.

    I mean the odds that Helena would end up some drab, uncharismatic ugly duckling type aren’t even worth considering.

    I think though part of Huntress’ sex appeal and the sex appeal of Catwoman isn’t just looks or body that doesn’t quit. It’s the fact that these characters are astoundingly intelligent and dangerous.

    This is why I find nothing appealing in the post-Crisis Huntress, most of the time. She’s just not very dangerous and often portrayed as an incompetent twit. Grant Morrison was one of the few writers who gave her substance, and really that was only because he readily borrowed the atrributes from the earth-two version.


  2. lea Says:

    Wow, Helena Wayne is positively fat compared to any current iteration of superheroine or any other female character.
    I mean that in a “Hooray, GOOD!” way.

    I, too, was charmed when I first encountered Helen Wayne, daughter of Batman and Catwoman. I thoguht, “Well, of COURSE!”

    I do recall be somewhat startled by the relative raciness of some of the art. But I still lvoes me some Joe Staton. His E-Man artwork in the early ’80’s was cartoon fabulous all the way.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Yeah, Lea, that really is a good thing — a woman who doesn’t look like she’d break if she fell down on the rooftop. More of those!




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