Digital Manga on Sale

Digital Manga wants you to know that a number of their titles are currently on sale.

Akadot Retail, a division of Digital Manga, Inc., will be having a mega DMP sale for two weeks, with savings up to 83% off the retail price!

Featured titles include the hard-to-get Yoshitoshi Abe Lain Illustration Limited Edition hardcover book for only $23.95, and the new series Enchanter for just $7.95! … Even the DMP/Dark Horse books such as Hellsing, Trigun, and Berserk are on sale.

Project X bundle

You can go directly to the list of sale titles. My readers may be interested in knowing that the complete set of Antique Bakery (books 1-4) is available at a 23% discount. The set of four Edu-Manga books is half off. There’s also yaoi at 23-31% off. But I most recommend the Project X set at half price.


  1. I second the Project X books — they do a really nice job of showing Japanese business mythology — we know our own American mythologies so well that we don’t even recognize them most of the time. Seeing how the Japanese present their business myths is very helpful in beginning to recognize our own myths (and better able to begin to counter them when necessary).

  2. *sigh* That could have been so nice…

    Unfortunately their shipping fees for Europe are so high ($20.40 as cheapest option) that I’ll come away cheaper if I buy them locally at full retail price.

  3. I was considering ordering that “Project X” pack… I should have made that clearer, I guess.

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