Anniversary Quiz

I had big plans for celebrating the seventh anniversary of this site with a contest and such, but since that was last month, I missed it. Just for giggles, then, here’s the self-centered trivia questions I was going to ask readers to answer as an entry:

  1. Name a well-known outlet for comics journalism to which I have contributed exactly once.
  2. What comic book character have I appeared as in public?
  3. Which cranky-pants blogger tried to convince people we were married back in Usenet days?
  4. What comic book is responsible for me meeting my real husband?
  5. What band is responsible for us dating?

And the answers, in spoiler white (click and drag over to see):

  1. Sequential Tart (I interviewed Marc Nathan about the Baltimore Comic-Con for promotional purposes)
    Comic Book Galaxy (I contributed one installment of my column “The Spinner Rack” in 2000 before falling out temporarily with founder Alan David Doane)
    Comic Buyer’s Guide (I did a Heroes Con report for them, I don’t remember when)
  2. Shrinking Violet is best known, but I would have also accepted Batgirl (as a kid, this was a Halloween costume); Superman (as an adult, this was a Halloween costume for which I won a prize and mentioned at my previous blog); or Lois Lane (mostly as a joke).
  3. Mike Chary, Howling Curmudgeon
  4. The Legion of Super-Heroes. An easy one, if you know his name or have heard me tell the story before.
  5. The Monkees. When we discovered we had this like in common, we had to get to know each other better.

So how’d you do?

6 Responses to “Anniversary Quiz”

  1. Lea Says:

    I stunk, and my most vivid memory of when you announced you and KC were married is funny, but naughty to mention in public.

    Congrats on making it to seven!

  2. James Schee Says:

    5 for 5, come on can’t you make it a bit harder?:)

  3. Johanna Says:

    James, you are my most devoted fan. Of course you’d know!

    Lea, I can’t wait to hear what that memory was — and thank you. 1999 started a bunch of wonderful things for me, including my marriage, buying our house, and this site.

  4. James Schee Says:

    Yeah, being a friend who hung out with you and KC a bit (especially KC at a SPX) a few years back helped too.:)

    Other good trivia questions would have been:

    What series did Johanna have a contest for, in order to try and save?

    What did Johanna tell KC in their first meeting? (at least according to him, in a CBG column years back)

    What was the stuffed animal Johanna used as a theme for a sketch book?

    Why yes I do have lots of free time today.:)

  5. Johanna Says:

    I’m just glad *I* know the answers to your questions.

  6. James Schee Says:

    Yeah that would have been bad otherwise.:)

    I was trying to come up with something really obscure, like first series named a CWR, but didn’t know it.




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