Get Ready, Get Set…

The San Diego Comic-Con has announced that hotel reservations will open February 6, 2007, at noon Eastern time. The show is scheduled for July 25-29 this year.

If you’re planning to go, have a good time. I would be happy to entertain offers from publishers or retailers desiring experienced booth assistance, but barring that, I can’t afford to take the time and spend the money for a week-long cross-country trip. I look forward to seeing all the stories and coverage from those braver than I!

7 Responses to “Get Ready, Get Set…”

  1. ~chris Says:

    Expect rooms to go instantly. See Heidi MacDonald’s report on the opening of 2005 hotel reservations.

    Though they’re full price, I’m glad I already have hotel reservations in hand. I save by living close enough to take the train.

  2. ~chris Says:

    And Heidi’s 2006 hotel reservations report.

  3. Lyle Says:

    As someone who’s gotten hotel reservations in the past few years, I’ll say it is totally crazy. Last year, I spent that morning at my desk hitting refresh on the hotel webform (which, unsurprisingly kept timing out) while doing the hangup/redial dance on my office phone and my cell at the same time. Doing that consistently got me connected after some 20 minutes. I felt like I was back in college trying to get U2 concert tickets before they all sold out.

    I don’t know if I can afford to go to San Diego this year (I’m really hoping I can get the finances worked out by then since I always really enjoy blogging about the experience) but I’m going to try to get room reservations. It’d be a nightmare trying to get a room if I waited to know if I can afford the trip or not.

  4. Rachel N. Says:

    I believe I am going with a friend and staying with her at another friend’s house.

  5. Johanna Says:

    Lyle, that’s a great mental image — but not a good thing to envision having to do.

    Rachel, that’s the best plan, I think. Do it as cheaply as possible and stick with your friends.

  6. Lyle Says:

    Considering the hurdles involved, I can’t imagine anyone making that first trip to San Diego for CCI anymore, unless they’re lucky to have friends who live in the area. Unless you’ve already had a taste that you really liked, I can’t see it being worth the hassle.

  7. ~chris Says:

    I agree with Lyle. My first CCI was in 1993 when I drove down on Saturday(!) and easily found parking next to the convention center (which was half its current size). I wouldn’t recommend it to any first-timer without CCI-experienced friends/family who already have housing or a reserved room.




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