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Exactly how many comics has Marvel done for military distribution only, and what were their names? Is there any online source on this?

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  1. Ragnell Says:

    From what I’ve seen with my own eyes they’ve been putting out New Avengers comics in the Base Exchanges, free distribution, for over a year now (I saw the first one in Sept 05), and its been a different one every month but I don’t have any online source for this.

  2. Kevin Melrose Says:

    Do you mean the one-shots in conjunction with the Army and Air Force Exchange Service? If so, this latest one, The New Avengers: Letters Home, is the fourth.

    Before that, there was Time Trouble, which teamed them with the X-Men (against Kang, I think); Pot of Gold, with the Fantastic Four and Nick Fury; and the first, also with the Fantastic Four, but I’m not sure of the title (maybe it was just The New Avengers, Guest-Starring the Fantastic Four).

  3. Johanna Says:

    Kevin, that’s it. The specially produced ones, thank you. I’m trying to get some for KC.

  4. SGT Dean Says:

    This is kind of an old question, but there is a website about these (there’s 6 now):




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