Scandal Updates

Let’s check in with the latest on a variety of examples of bad behavior.

Open Book Press:

Former publisher Mike Gagnon sent an over-long defense to Heidi MacDonald basically saying “it’s not true”. He also shows up to argue his case in Newsarama comments, which makes him look desperate. He would have seemed more compelling if he’d bother to respond to inquiries while the article was being written.

Mega-jerk Rick Olney:

Colleen Doran comments [link no longer available] that, with 292 pages at 9 PM January 9,

the response from Olney, head of a company (?) he calls Tight Lip Entertainment has devolved into vulgarity, fat jokes, gay bashing, name calling, threats featuring pictures of an armed Marine bearing the slogan “iKILL”, and has all the appearance of a public nervous breakdown.

Only you can’t read them anymore, because Olney has been deleting them, as though no one made copies or will remember his threats. Colleen pointed out this important post about how to sue. She also notices discrepancies in Olney’s claim of military service and offers important advice for creators:

Pay close attention. Don’t do business with people who seem “nice”. Check out their credentials. Use the internet to track down information about their company. Ask other freelancers. And be very, very wary of ANY client who gets their nuts in a bunch about freelancers talking to one another.

Graeme McMillan, as usual, gets the last word (link no longer available) with a comprehensive overview that reminds us that in the case of Ronee Bourgeois, maybe what comes around goes around.

3 Responses to “Scandal Updates”

  1. Journalista » Blog Archive » Jan. 10, 2007: Cowboys & Alibis Says:

    […] I’d like to thank Graeme McMillan for writing up the most comprehensive and link-filled summary yet of TightLip Entertainment head Rick Olney’s cosmic-in-scope meltdown over publishing difficulties and his pathetic inability to own up to them. I was afraid someone would soon be expecting me to write something like this myself, and boy howdy, am I ever not touching that fiasco again. Just reading that Gail Simone message-board thread was brain-threatening enough, back when it was still under two hundred pages in length. Another hundred pages, after Olney went back and began deleting his previous comments? No fucking way. Related: Colleen Doran offers commentary. (Last link via Johanna Draper Carlson.) […]

  2. Dan Coyle Says:

    Arch-libertarian Justin Raimondo once wrote, “On the Internet, your crimes live forever.”

  3. Mike Gagnon Says:

    I’d like to thank Johanna for her coverage of the claims made by Mr. Howard Noel regarding copyright infringement of Mr. Scootles. A number of documents proving the claims to be false can be found on

    I acknowledge that the response was longer than a traditional press release, which I felt was necessary to cover all of the allegations.

    In regards to:
    “He would have seemed more compelling if he’d bother to respond to inquiries while the article was being written.”

    Documentation will show that the sole e-mail I recieved from Mr. McLelland did not include any information regarding the claims being made by Mr. Noel, and I therefore could not have addressed them directly to Mr. McLelland prior to the article being written.

    For something as potential damaging as this I would think a writer would want to make sure all facts were accurate before publishing.

    If e-mail was not working for him all my contact info was public at the time, he could have easily called, faxed, or mailed me regarding the claims. Or included the claims in the e-mail he sent to me.




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