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This is a very bleh week for comics. I’m only posting to draw your attention to Top Shelf releasing Are We Feeling Safer Yet?, which I really enjoyed.

Just when I started talking regularly about superhero comics again, DC and Marvel have little to nothing on their lists I’m interested in. From Marvel, I think I’ll give Wonder Man #2 another try. In a busier week, it wouldn’t make the cut, but now it gets the benefit of badly staggered shipping. (I know fan-favorite Runaways #23 is also due, but with the impending writer changeover… I don’t know. “Part 2 of 3″ of a final storyline might be good, might just be treading water.)

From DC, I hope Welcome to Tranquility #2 keeps up with the promise of the first issue. I’m also signed up for Densha Otoko Book 2.

I tried browsing Tokyopop’s Pearl Pink, but I just couldn’t get into it. It’s the story of a tomboy who’s made herself strong and brave so the boy she had a crush on when she was three years old will marry her, as promised. This seemed to have cheesy potential, but either I was in the wrong mood or it was mediocre (or both).

Tokyopop is also releasing Kare Kano 21, the final volume of the series. They’re reshipping Kare Kano 20 at the same time — probably a good idea, since that previous volume came out last July.

From Viz, I’ll be getting Case Closed Book 15. It’s not an exciting read, but it’s consistent light entertainment that does what it promises.

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  1. Sebastian Says:

    Hum… I’ll have to check out “Pearl Pink” even so, since I liked the author’s other series “Omukae desu” (from CMX) well enough. Hadn’t heard of that second series up to now.




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