Vampirella Changes

Vampirella cover

Harris Comics, publisher of Vampirella, is so connected with the character that their official website is

Now comes news that Fangoria Comics has acquired the character. Heidi has the story, complete with followup questions (yet unanswered) and a reminder that comic “her-storian” Trina Robbins created the two-strips-and-panties costume (which always makes me giggle).

Another Vampirella cover

Does this mean that Harris is out of the comics business entirely? What about the Vampirella archives, which go back to 1969? The character was created by Forrest J. Ackerman (with costume design by a young Trina Robbins) and was published as part of Warren’s early 70s B&W horror line before going to Harris in the 80s. Vampi hit paydirt with the variant-cover boom of the early 90s before settling in to more of a “guest appearance” spot at Harris.

Some talented creators did Vampi stories at Harris, but the titles didn’t reach far beyond the core audience of guys who wanted photo-model or airbrush art covers. The pictures are pretty, I admit.

One of the commenters at that link brings up the question of Jim Warren’s potential arguments over intellectual property. Heidi also has followup confirmation.

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