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Marvel Adventures: Avengers #9 cover
Marvel Adventures: Avengers #9

ANOTHER light week. But that’s a good thing.

I’m really looking forward to Marvel Adventures: Avengers #9 because it’s the all-MODOC issue! (Shouldn’t that be MODOK, with K for Killing? Or is it going to stand for something else for the kids?)

From DC, Darwyn Cooke reconsiders P’Gell in The Spirit #2. How seductive!

If you, like me, have a few extra bucks this week, check out Toupydoops #5. There’s a preview at that link for a free sample. I was kind of ambivalent about the first issue, but Kevin McShane gets better and funnier each new installment.

Love as a Foreign Language Book 6 is also out this week. I was very surprised to note that it was originally due in April. Yes, that’s nine months ago. If there were a pregnancy in this book, it would be very apt.

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  1. ~chris Says:

    And for those of us who hadn’t read the series when it first came out,
    Bone Volume 5: Rock Jaw, Master of the Eastern Border, color edition

    Also, I hear that Shojo Beat (which I buy for my niece; it has a lot of content she enjoys, for a good price) has three new illustrations by Chynna Clugston.

    (Now, to find where I put my copy of Love as a Foreign Language #5, to remind myself where it left off.)

  2. Rob Barrett Says:

    According to the There’s Something About MODOK site, MODOK’s original name was MODOC (Mental Organism Designed Only for Computing). So Parker’s subsitution of “Conquest” for “Computing” is actually closer to the original name.

    I am so ready for this issue.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Yay! More Marvel trivia!

    Chris, I’m embarrassed to say I STILL haven’t tried Bone. Soon.

  4. Mel Valentin Says:

    Ah, Rob beat me to the explanation of MODOK’s name, but if you’re interested in more information, check out the wikipedia entry:


    And yes, I’m really looking forward to this issue. Looks like ridiculous amounts of fun. Hopefully, my LCS will have a copy.

  5. Justin Says:

    I was fortuitous enough to pick up Toupydoops #1 at a shop in the city. I had heard all that Randy Lander had to say about it in a spotlight at the Fourth Rail. But by that time it was three issues in and I was cautious about jumping in at issue 4. Thankfully, getting issue one pretty much erased all that. It’s as if this book was tailored to me, and I think alot of comic fans would feel that way. It is wonderful and quirky satire. And done in a pretty inventive way. I have been preordering it ever since. Still need to find two and three, though.

  6. Johanna Says:

    That’s a good point — once you know the premise, Toupydoops issues stand alone. (The premise is if comics were like movies. T goes to Hollywood in the hopes of starring in his own comic, but until then he has to take bit parts in other books.)

  7. Lyle Says:

    ~chris, I haven’t seen those Clugston images in Shojo Beat yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve seen a few Oni names in the pages of SB (which gave a plug to Scott Pilgrim in an article on summer reading) and Jamie Rich often writes for the mag.

  8. ~chris Says:

    Johanna, no need to be embarrassed. It took me years to give Bone a try. After I read the first TP, the color editions were announced, so now I wait for them. Steve Hamaker (who did a lovely story in Flight #3) does a wonderful, understated job on colors.

    Lyle, it was Jamie, on the Oni Press board, who spilled the beans about Chynna’s drawings. :)

  9. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Says:

    My first reading of Bone was its last issue, and then a couple more years passed before I picked up the first color edition from Graphix and was hooked. Just finished Volume 2 yesterday and am trying to pace myself on the next three so as not to get too far ahead and have to wait too long for the next one.

    I’m now planning to check out Smith’s Shazam mini, which I’d previously had no interest in!




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