Webcomic LinkBlogging

Since I aim to cover more webcomics, here are some links I’ve run across recently.

Strips to Read

Inanna’s Tears — Rob Vollmar (The Castaways, Bluesman) and mpMann (Lone and Level Sands) provide a scene every week on Monday with the intent of eventual publication as a graphic novel. Fascinating because it’s set in ancient (as in 3000 BCE) Sumeria.

Fear, My Dear — Dean Haspiel launches a new Billy Dogma story online. He also summarizes the business model both of these projects are using:

I believe the future of serialized comix is to launch them on the internet, secure a sound readership, and then print each substantial story arc. The internet feeds the beta need for hungry comix addicts while the print version makes available a beautiful, archival art object for friends, family, and fans to read and covet.

My Romance Story — A collective aiming to do classic-style romance comics. (The message I got about this site calls them “perhaps the only currently extant romance comics being regularly produced”, which is only true if you ignore manga.) They’re aimed at selling subscription access, but they do offer some free samples. The one I tried was text-heavy and very reminiscent of Harlequin formula, full of clichés.

Lunchbox Funnies — Another collective, this one much more entertaining. They’re doing all-ages webcomics, including preexisting faves Astronaut Elementary and Wally and Osborne. Love the lunchbox imagery, too!

I want to read Templar, Arizona in print, so I encourage you to preorder if you share my desire. Spike is already 2/3 of the way there!

Issues and Discussion

The discussion seems to have petered out at the post Are Webcomics Comics?. That’s the disadvantage of this format: when something scrolls off the front page, conversation tends to end. I did learn things, though, and I thank my knowledgeable and talented commenters and readers for that.

As Brigid says, “Johanna has some of the best commenters in the blogosphere”. She says more than that at the link, responding further to the discussion.

Saving the best for last, you’ve probably already seen Lisa Jonte’s list of gay-friendly webcomics. It’s a wonderful source of references for more reading, and I’m always happy to be reminded of how much I love Kris Dresen‘s work.

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