Unscrewed Site Launches

Something good may have come out of the Olney TightLip theft fiasco — a group of those wronged by Olney have formed Unscrewed, a site with two apparent aims: to launch a comic anthology showing their work, and to provide an ongoing reference site so Olney can’t scam anyone else.

Currently, there’s a lot more relating to the latter than the former. There’s a statement of intent; a chronology of events; an archive of posts Olney deleted (there’s no such thing as forgetting on the internet); and two news stories: TightLip Entertainment has been formally dissolved, and confirmation of legal papers served on Olney.

6 Responses to “Unscrewed Site Launches”

  1. notintheface Says:

    Hey, if it gets rid of that God-awful logo……

  2. Paul O'Brien Says:

    From the “About” page:

    “In the short month since Gail began this monstrous thread, over 7500 replies have been posted, dozens upon dozens upon dozens of what have become known as ‘Onley’s Orphans’ have been identified, and debts accrued by him are approximated between $60,000 and $100,000.”

    Hmm. I don’t know anything about Olney’s personal circumstances, but has anyone actually given any thought to the question of whether he has this sort of money? Because if not, suing him might just be throwing good money after bad.

  3. Johanna Says:

    That point’s been raised, Paul, but there seems to be a feeling that Olney’s skated on consequences of his actions too often.

  4. Nat Gertler Says:

    …and that this is a matter not just of Olney, but of showing bad actors that the community is willing to see that justice is done.

  5. Danny Donovan Says:

    Thanks for blogging this Johanna. The anthology is set to hit shelves in time for this summer’s convention. We’re already underway for our auction plans, and thus far we’ve gotten a TREMENDOUS response from the creative professional community.

    I cannot thank everyone enough for supporting our actions by letting people know we exist. ;)


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